The Walk to Rivendell : Camp, Day 4 on the River Anduin

152/243.2 2 High wolds of the Brown Lands on east. Downs seen on the west.
155/248 3 Boromir mutters to himself. Just at dusk, Sam spots Gollum on a log.
Reached: 2019-Jun-23
163/260.8 8 Camp on small eyot near western shore. Sam and Frodo watch. Gollum appears during Frodo’s watch. Aragorn wakes. Watches until morning.
Feb. 20 – Day/Nt. 5: 72 miles – Continue through much of the night (18 hours)
163/260.8 0 Leave early morning. Paddle long periods. Still overcast, east wind.
Reached: 2019-Jun-30

Having left Lothlórien the Fellowship heads down the River Anduin, spotting Gollum on a log (248km) before camping on a small eyot (260.8km).

❝ ‘The log’s all right,’ said Frodo. ‘There are many in the River. But leave out the eyes!’
‘That I won’t,’ said Sam. ‘’Twas the eyes as made me sit up, so to speak. I saw what I took to be a log floating along in the half-light behind Gimli’s boat; but I didn’t give much heed to it. Then it seemed as if the log was slowly catching us up. And that was peculiar, as you might say, seeing as we were all floating on the stream together. Just then I saw the eyes: two pale sort of points, shiny-like, on a hump at the near end of the log. What’s more, it wasn’t a log, for it had paddle-feet, like a swan’s almost, only they seemed bigger, and kept dipping in and out of the water. ❞
— J. R. R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring
Book II, Chapter 9, The Great River

❝ At Aragorn’s bidding they paddled now for long spells, and the banks went swiftly by. But they saw little of the country, for they journeyed mostly by night and twilight, resting by day, and lying as hidden as the land allowed. ❞
— J. R. R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring
Book II, Chapter 9, The Great River

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