This weeks links (2019-07-15)

In all of these accounts, walking is not the action by which one arrives at knowledge; it is itself the means of knowing.
In brief:

* Interoperability: Fix the internet, not the tech companies (2019-Jul-11) [BoingBoing]

❝ This is the most common form of interoperability. Company A makes a product and Company B makes a thing that works with that product, but doesn’t talk to Company A about it. Company A doesn’t know or care to know about Company B’s add-on.
Think of a car’s cigarette lighter: these started in the 1920s as aftermarket accessories that car owners could have installed at a garage; over time they became popular enough that they came standard in every car. Eventually, third-party companies began to manufacture DC power adapters that plugged into the lighter receptacle, drawing power from the car engine’s alternator. This became widespread enough that it was eventually standardized as ANSI/SAE J563. … ❞

* #Apollo50th

* To the moon and beyond 1: What we learned from landing on the moon and why we stopped going [The Conversation]
* To the moon and beyond 2: how humanity reacted to the moon landing and why it led to conspiracy theories [The Conversation]
* To the moon and beyond 3: The new space race and what winning it looks like [The Conversation]

* Missing Victorian bushwalker lost emergency beacon in thick fog, police say (2019-Jul-16) [ABC News]

❝ A Victorian walker missing in the snow-covered Tasmanian wilderness survived for more than a week after losing his pack, which contained most of his supplies and his emergency radio beacon, police say.. …
“This is a great reflection of Mr Bowman’s experience and skill that he has made it back to his tent, he’s done the right thing and he’s waited there to be rescued in the most likely spot for a rescue which has allowed us to have an excellent result today,”… “Without the experience that he’s had in alpine environments in Victoria and on other wilderness trips in Tasmania, it’s likely that we’d have a very different outcome,” ❞

* SBS expands its cycling coverage with A.S.O (2019-Jul-19) [SBS|Cycling Central]
Calendar for the 2019 / 2020 races:
Arctic Race of Norway – August 2019
CRO Race – October 2019
Tour of Oman – February 2020
Volta a Catalunya – March 2020
Tour of Turkey – April 2020
Eschborn-Frankfurt – May 2020
Tour de Yorkshire – May 2020
Tour de Hongrie – June 2020

Tour de France 2019
* ŠKODA Tour Tracker | Cycling

STAGE 10 Monday, July 15 : 218 km : Saint-Flour → Albi
REST Tuesday, July 16 : Rest day
STAGE 11 Wednesday, July 17 : 167 km : Albi → Toulouse
STAGE 12 Thursday, July 18 : 202 km : Toulouse → Bagnères-de-Bigorre
STAGE 13 Friday, July 19 : 27 km : Pau → Pau (ITT)
STAGE 14 Saturday, July 20 : 117 km : Tarbes → Col du Tourmalet (🏔)
STAGE 15 Sunday, July 21 : 185 km : Limoux → Foix (🏔)

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – High Adventure [Internet Archive]
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
High Adventure is sometimes billed “The Mutual Network’s answer to Escape!” In fact, the Mutual anthology premiered on March 1, 1947. There were audition episodes for Escape at the end of February and the middle of March, 1947, but the program did not begin regular broadcast until July. Some reviewers consider Escape to be Suspense’s little brother. In that line of thinking, High Adventure could be thought of as a distant cousin. …
The High Adventure scripts were based on original stories, in contrast to the many adaptations found on Escape. The shows used little subtlety in reaching towards a masculine audience. The stories were written in a realistic, remarkably believable style. High Adventure was the defining moment in the protagonist’s life, and the outcome of the story would often hinge on his strength of character as much as his luck or expertise.

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