soft sheet pulks

In this years Banff Mountain film festival, I noted the soft sheet pulks being used in “This Mountain Life: Coastal Range Traverse Segment” they did seem to slide sideways, but looked quite handy. A post in the Australian Backcountry FB group reminded me that I had planned to investigate these further.

Given the distances and terrain for this expedition they managed quite well.

I thought that they were MEC items, but on the equipment list they are listed as homemade using “Crazy Carpet”.

Some better details on the Coast Mountain Epic Facebook page (March 6, 2017);

To stay light it’s as simple as riveted carpets tied with cordage and shock cord. They are designed to roll and slide sideways on skin ups and be light enough to pack in a roll if need be. Designed by John Baldwin.

How to make a lightweight toboggan
A lightweight toboggan, known as a “boggy”, is an excellent way to carry additional weight on snow. It can be easily made from a kids sliding toy known as a Crazy Carpet (brand name Krazy Karpet). The toboggan is easy to pull and can be used comfortably on moderate slopes with loads of 10-15kg. It usually works well to carry a week’s supply of food in most terrain and on flatter valley glaciers it is practical to carry up to 2 week’s food and gear in the toboggan

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