Run Melbourne 2019

Event: Run Melbourne
Distance:5km /10km / 21.1km
Date: Sunday 28th July 2019
Location: Melbourne
Organised by: Sole Motive

Run Melbourne isn’t your average run. Over the last 12 years it has grown into a movement that has changed the culture of what it means to run through the city streets.
With closed roads and a fast, flat course, more than 20,000 runners descend on the streets, heading past some of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks. Cheer zones and epic vibes make this a race weekend unlike any other. Join the movement and let’s inspire our city to run.

Run Melbourne 2019

Pacing, not racing.

A target of 2:30 and B target of 3:00. We came in at 2:36 👍

🗺️ Relive:

★ Flickr 2019-07-28 Run Melbourne
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Run Melbourne
Next?: Wonderland

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