This weeks links (2019-08-26)

In brief:

* Melbourne loses 15bn litres of water annually from logging catchment, study finds (2019-Aug-23) [The Guardian]

❝ Logging is causing Melbourne’s main catchment area to miss out on about 15bn litres of water each year, equivalent to the amount used by 250,000 people, a peer-reviewed study has found.
If logging in Victoria’s Thomson catchment continues as planned, that number would increase to 600,000 Melburnians by 2060, according to the research from the Australian National University. ❞

* Inclined | Salomon TV

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – Jerry at Fair Oaks – Single Episodes [Internet Archive]
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
In Jerry at Fair Oaks, the follow up program to Jerry of the Circus, we are delighted by more of our orphaned heroâs adventures, only this time away from the circus in which he grew up in, but at Fair Oaks School instead. Again the shows are fifteen minutes in length, perfect for even very young children.
So sit down with our hero Jerry Dugan again, for 65 episodes and 15 plus hours, only this time the shows will focus on his adventures at Fair Oaks School. You and the children will be glad you did.

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