Spring Vegetables – Melbourne

As we all know, Spring is one of the busiest times of the year in the garden and a great time for the planting of a whole range of vegetables that don’t cope with Winter frosts; like tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumber. — Yummy Gardens

For Autumn we trialed some vegetable and herb pots near the front door – this worked reasonably well, so we will refresh them for Spring.

✅ Beans – dwarf green & yellow
Bok Choy
✅ Capsicum
✅ Chilli – Thai
✅ Eggplant
Potato (in the back garden)
✅ Pumpkin – Jap
✅ Silverbeet (from Autumn planting)
Snow Peas
Spring Onions
✅ Strawberries
✅ Tomatoes (wait until Cup Day)
✅ Zucchini – Blackjack
✅ Basil -with tomatoes
✅ Coriander
✅ Chives
✅ Mint
✅ Parsley
✅ Sage
✅ Thyme

❝ In spring, by the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ❞
— Margaret Atwood

🍃 Spring Vegetable Garden Planting Guide (2015) [Yummy Gardens Melbourne]
🍃 10 Spring Veggies Anyone Can Grow (2017-Oct-15) [1 Million Women]
🍃 Spring Planting Guide for Melbourne (2018-Aug-22) [Leaf, Root & Fruit]
🍃 October in the Garden (2014-Oct-01) [Very Edible Gardens]
🍃 What to plant in Melbourne in spring (2019-Jul-29) [All Green Nursery]

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