Wednesday Win (2019-OCT-30)

National Parks Adventure

Adam Hugill – Cycling the World: Is this the end? [Ep 70]
Remote and wild Yukon. Bears in British Columbia. Extracts from Al Humphreys, Thunder and Sunshine and a music festival with the Haida Nation. There’s a great deal to unpack in this video.

❝ It was a sinking feeling to wake from a sweet dream and realise that, yet again, I had to tear myself away from new friends and security, leave it all, and ride away. My stomach lurched and I screwed my eyes in prayer, or rather, gave a stern talking to myself, before getting out of bed. I loaded my bike and returned to the road after saying another heartfelt thanks to another kind family who had been incredibly generous and welcoming to me, and who I would never be able to repay. Three months into this South American ride, yet the moving on never became any easier. ❞
— Alastair Humphreys, “Thunder and Sunshine”

The key to living a life of adventure | Ginger Kern | TEDxBrookings
Adventure is a mindset accessible to every pocketbook. Though often seen as an “escape” for those with money & time, Ginger Kern believes travel is not just about exploring other countries. She knew how it felt to be bold and adventurous abroad and wanted to avoid the trap of coming home and playing it safe with old routines.
With three simple questions, she found a way for anyone to stay in the traveler’s mindset and live a life of adventure, no matter where they are in the world.

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