4 Peaks – The Bright Alpine Climb (2019)

Event: 4 Peaks – The Bright Alpine Climb
40th running of the Bright Alpine Climb in 2019
Date: 2nd – 5th November 2019 (Melbourne Cup weekend)
Location: Bright, Victoria
Organised by: Mountain Sport

The Bright Alpine Climb, also known as the Four Peaks Climb, started in 1979 to get walkers into the hills to enjoy the superb scenery the area around Bright has to offer. Runners have since joined the walkers and have added excitement to the event. To the current day – runners and walkers all mix well throughout the four day event.
The Bright Alpine Climb – 4 Peaks is a 4 day walking and running event based in the Bright area in Victoria. Each day participants tackle a new peak with distances varying from 10.6km to 15km. All events are hosted on gazetted trails and the trails are “marked” for the event to help provide guidance to participants. It’s a very casual event – each climb is timed and on the final day – the results are added together to get your overall time.

Day 1 – 2nd November 2019 – Mt Buffalo (10.6km)
Day 2 – 3rd November 2019 – Mt Feathertop (12km, and then back down)
Day 3 – 4th November 2019 – Mt Hotham (15km)
Day 4 – 5th November 2019 – Mystic Hill (11km)

DAY 1 – Mt Buffalo
Due to travel issues, I didn’t make it up for the Day 1 run.

DAY 2 – Mt Feathertop
Due to the weather conditions, the Mt Feathertop climb stopped at Federation Hut this year.

❝ Thunderbolts & lightning, very very hailing,
on meeeee … on meeee! 🎵
musical interlude with loud guitar riff ❞

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/v8qkNk7QGK6

📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: 4Peaks – Feathertop
📈 4Peaks – Feathertop [Garmin Connect]
📈 4Peaks – Feathertop [Runkeeper]

DAY 3 – Mt Hotham

❝ These are the hill climbs
My friend
And we’ll keep on climbing,
‘til the end.
Because, these are the hill climbs,
These are the hill climbs … 🎵 ❞

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/vE6Jd9mmpxv

📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: 4Peaks – Hotham
📈 4Peaks – Hotham [Garmin Connect]
📈 4Peaks – Hotham [Runkeeper]

DAY 4 – Mystic Hill

❝ Buddy, you’ve got DOMs, make a big noise
Playing in the hills, gonna be a big slope today
They got mud on their face, a 30min/km pace
Kicking your ass all over the place, singin’ 🎵 ❞

🗺️ Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/vxOQAoYX4MO

📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: 4Peaks – Mystic
📈 4Peaks – Mystic [Garmin Connect]
📈 4Peaks – Mystic [Runkeeper]

★ Flickr 2019-11 4 Peaks (40th Edition)
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