This weeks links (2019-11-11)

In brief:

* AAP FactCheck [AAP FactCheck]

❝ Restoring confidence in content through independent verification of the facts. ❞

* The first generations of ‘digi kids’ are struggling with literacy as experts warn against screen time (2019-Nov-11) [ABC]

❝ Tips for parents from the Gonski Institute:
⚬ Ensure young people read at least one book a month for pleasure.
⚬ For smaller children, encourage them to hand-write a letter to a loved one every week.
⚬ Get children to play outside, away from the screens, every day after school.
⚬ Be a role model: If you play with your own iPhone all the time, you cannot be the first one to tell your own children to stop doing what you do. ❞

* I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike | NYT Opinion
Mary Cain’s male coaches were convinced she had to get “thinner, and thinner, and thinner.” Then her body started breaking down.

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – Magic Island – Single Episodes []
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
Magic Island was a syndicated serial that first aired sometime in 1936 and consisted of one hundred thirty 12-minute episodes. The storyline dealt with a wealthy woman and her search for her long lost daughter. She finds her on a man-made island that can submerge to avoid detection. The series was targeted for a juvenile audience and small children are the main focus of the story line.

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