Two Bays Trail Run 2020 – 28km

two-bays-trail-run Event: Two Bays Trail Run 2020
Date: Sunday the 12th January
Location: Dromana to Cape Schanck
Distance: 28k
Organised by: Big Long Run
The Two Bays Trail Run is a 28km and 56km ultramarathon in Dromana, Melbourne. The 28km is from the Dromana Visitors Information Centre to Cape Schanck and the 56km from Cape Schanck to Dromana and back again.
Experience a wide variety of running surfaces, bushland and coastal views on this beautiful course that follows the Two Bays Walking Track through the biggest chunks of remnant native vegetation on the Peninsula.

Two Bays Trail Run 2020
The plan was to pace Tracy to a sub 4 hour, without irritating the injured ankle, and for me to start playing with the gear load for Run Larapinta later this year – pacing not racing.
I used the 12l Salomon pack, 4 full soft bottles and 2 empty – the chest pockets didn’t work for me with the full bottles. I’ll need to update my ‘large’ pack for Run Larapinta.
I had two dry bags in the large kidney pockets, the same method I used at Mount Buller Skyrun – this worked well.
I carried the GoPro and the iPhone – the GoPro really just gets in the way, better off getting the video and photos from the iPhone.

📷 with logos; Supersport Images

New take-aways for Two Bays;
* Get your jump shots in early
* I still can’t hold back on a fun descent
* Hawaiian shirts chafe
* it’s difficult to run side by side on single track, even for photo

Net Time = 3:48:24 = Mission accomplished!

★ Flickr 2020-01-12 Two Bays Trail Run 2020
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Two Bays Trail Run
Next? Rosebud Australia Day Run 10km

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