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No more wailing; act against the Whaling!

Ill-advised “… a lethal research program that targets low priority science, with a demonstrably low likelihood of achieving its stated objectives, appears unsupportable when viewed in a scientific context,” — Dr Nick Gales, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic … Continue reading

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Time to sink the Nisshin Maru?

Four Japanese ships, including the 8,044-ton mother ship Nisshin Maru, whaling vessel Yushin Maru and two others has set off from the port of Shimonoseki for another voyage of death and destruction. I guess we can’t hope for another onboard … Continue reading

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Whale Safe Beer?

That’s right Whale Safe Beer! {Looking back over Visible Procrastinations on this site I see I haven’t had a conservation or environmental post … what is the world coming to? By training I am actually an Ecologist (Botany, Zoology, Conservation … Continue reading

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Anti Terrorist Peace Activist laws

Yet another step on the slippery slope … secret police forces locking away disenting voices using powers that do not allow for release of details; what ever happened to “Justice must be done and seen to be done” ? Pacifist … Continue reading

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Greenpeace co-founder dead

Bob Hunter, probably more than anyone else, invented what we now see as “Greenpeace”. His death on May 2, aged 64, marks the passing of a true hero of the environmental movement. Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter dies [REUTERS] Mon May … Continue reading

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