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A message to members of the Federal Parliament of Australia

❝In most jobs, refusing to undertake a core function for which you were employed – even as conscientious objection – would dissolve the contract. The honourable path is resignation.❞ — Mark Kenny, Delay, delay, delay: Coalition tying itself in knots … Continue reading

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Vote Compass

This is the second election that I have taken the ABC’s Vote Compass survey where voters take a quick survey of 30 questions about policy matters, and Vote Compass shows where they stand in relation to the policies of the … Continue reading

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Army ponders arrest for three-finger sign (2014-Jun-02) [Bangkok Post]

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Tony Abbott

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Tony Abbott, President of the USA of Australia US-Based English Comic John Oliver Has Just Let Rip On Australian PM Tony Abbott.

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Institute of Public Affairs – Australia’s very own Tea Party?

One group to which Tony Abbott has kept his promises as PM: the Institute of Public Affairs. A collection of articles from the last week that make for a rather unflattering overview of where our current Federal politics are firmly … Continue reading

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Best Budget Ever!

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Gone, but not quite Gonski …

❝Gonski has been expunged from the official record. Search for the name of the report on the Commonwealth Education Department website and you’ll get a reply asking whether you meant “lenskyi”. Search for it by its official title – Review … Continue reading

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