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“tu quoque”

❝ There are people who when they see ‘black lives matter’ quite rightly, and with good intentions, say or ask ‘don’t ALL lives matter?’ and let’s not fuck about, it’s actually a perfectly reasonable question. Because ALL lives DO matter. … Continue reading

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but the white moderate who is more devoted to “order” than to justice

❝ “First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not … Continue reading

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🔥 thoughts & prayers 🔥

Hazard reduction burns, ecological burns, and back burns, are all different things. Don’t talk about back burns when you mean hazard reduction burn 🔥 Explainer: back burning and fuel reduction (2014-Aug-08) [The Conversation] ❝ The recent surge of bushfire disasters … Continue reading

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National Press Club: Richard Flanagan

❝ We are a complex country that insists on being simple-minded, and we regard simplicity as a national virtue, and when coupled with language unimpeded by the necessity for thought is regarded as strong character, which may explain Scott Morrison, … Continue reading

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Nearly eight out of 10 eligible Australians (79.5 percent) expressed their view. All states and territories recorded a majority Yes response, with 7,817,247 (61.6 percent) responding Yes. Now it’s the government’s turn – If you cannot legislate on the will … Continue reading

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On 23 August 1966, tired of the Aborigines being ‘treated like dogs’ in their own country, Lingiari led two hundred of his people, employees of Wave Hill station, with their families, in a ‘walk-off’. Encouraged by Brian Manning and a … Continue reading

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A message to members of the Federal Parliament of Australia

❝In most jobs, refusing to undertake a core function for which you were employed – even as conscientious objection – would dissolve the contract. The honourable path is resignation.❞ — Mark Kenny, Delay, delay, delay: Coalition tying itself in knots … Continue reading

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Vote Compass

This is the second election that I have taken the ABC’s Vote Compass survey where voters take a quick survey of 30 questions about policy matters, and Vote Compass shows where they stand in relation to the policies of the … Continue reading

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Army ponders arrest for three-finger sign (2014-Jun-02) [Bangkok Post]

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