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filters & arrogance

Stephen Conroy’s hubris knows no bounds, this weekend he was pushing ‘for the filter to go ahead regardless’. MINISTER for Communications Stephen Conroy has vowed to push on with his controversial internet filtering scheme, despite a barrage of criticism. … … Continue reading

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More internet blacklist & filtering fail

ABC television’s Q&A program – Episode 7 – 26/03/2009 Q&A live from Melbourne On the Q&A panel were Stephen Conroy – Minister for Communications, Greg Hunt – Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Andrew Bolt – Provocative Columnist, Louise Adler – … Continue reading

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ACMA blacklist leaked

Summary [1] This list contains 2395 webpages or site variations derived from the those secretly banned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and used by a government approved censorship software maker in its “ACMA only” censorship mode. The … Continue reading

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Censorship Minister Stephen Conroy

Censorship Minister Stephen Conroy Proving you can’t have too big a turkey for Christmas; THE Federal Government’s controversial internet censorship scheme may extend to filter more online traffic than was first thought, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed today. In a … Continue reading

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You can’t do ‘that’ research in the UK!

Proving once again that the terrorists just need to stand back and watch, the UK Government is stomping over its citizens rights yet again. This time we see a clear assault on academic freedom. Despite his Nottingham University supervisors insisting … Continue reading

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