Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailers

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) “Return to District 12”

❝ Fire Is Catching! And If We Burn, You Burn With Us! ❞
– Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) “The Mockingjay Lives”


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) “Burn”

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The War Of The Worlds H G Wells (October 30, 1938)

The War of the Worlds is an episode of the American radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was performed as a Halloween episode of the series on October 30, 1938, and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Directed and narrated by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel The War of the Worlds (1898).
The first two thirds of the 60-minute broadcast were presented as a series of simulated news bulletins, which suggested to many listeners that an actual alien invasion by Martians was currently in progress. Compounding the issue was the fact that the Mercury Theatre on the Air was a sustaining show (it ran without commercial breaks), adding to the program’s realism. Although there were sensationalist accounts in the press about a supposed panic in response to the broadcast, the precise extent of listener response has been debated.
In the days following the adaptation, however, there was widespread outrage and panic by certain listeners, who had believed the events described in the program were real. The program’s news-bulletin format was described as cruelly deceptive by some newspapers and public figures, leading to an outcry against the perpetrators of the broadcast. Despite these complaints, the episode secured Welles’ fame as a dramatist.

The War of the Worlds

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Wednesday WIN (2014-Oct-29)

the suffering co-efficient is my key to success.❞ — Bryan Smith

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** November 2014 Challenge – Clean up your TBRs – Mixed Bag of Genres **

goodreads The Aussie Readers group on Goodreads has the November Challenge – Clean up your TBRs – Mixed Bag of Genres;

This month is the perfect opportunity to clean up that TBR list which consistently grows before our very eyes. Read as many books as you can from your TBR list but with a little difference. Most of us like a bit of variety in our reading material – very much like our random Spring weather – so let’s have a Mixed Bag of Genres.
For example, if you decide to read three (3) for the month from your TBR, make sure they are three (3) different genres:)

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This weeks links (2014-10-27)

In brief:

* Why it costs a rumoured $200 to move a computer screen at the ATO (2014-Oct-31) [The Age]
… Australian Tax Office staff have been stopped from grabbing an extra computer monitor for their desks, even though thousands are sitting idle across its offices.
They have been told to wait for an outsourced company to do the job and Austender appears to show this will be Lockheed Martin, maker of air-to-ground missiles and military aircraft. And it comes at a rumoured cost of $200 for each screen moved. …

* Park and forest track conditions looking good for Cup weekend (2014-Oct-24) [ParkWeb]
Chris Rose, Parks Victoria’s General Manager Regional Services said: “While we have made every effort to ensure visitors have access for the opening weekend, drivers need to be prepared to come across fallen trees and other debris in some places.”

* So You Want To Be An Adventure Photographer… (2014-Oct-23) [Indefinitely Wild | Gizmodo]
So you like photography and go on some pretty cool adventures too? Then adventure photography might be for you. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started. …


* The Week in Bike #41: The Lennie Briscoe Look

Some reading/listening:

* Read Our Exclusive Excerpt from Gail Carriger’s Waistcoats & Weaponry (2014-Oct-22) [io9]

* George R.R. Martin Reveals The Worst Fate That Could Befall Westeros (2014-Oct-27) [io9]

* Tim Cope – ‘On the Trail of Genghis Khan’

* Pete McBride – ‘I am Red’

Something from Bandcamp:

Simulacra by Opus of a Machine

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Another great video from Air New Zealand.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit

As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we’re thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made.

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Wednesday WIN (2014-Oct-22)

Top 10 Cycling Excuses – For Climbing

Top 10 Things Not To Wear While Cycling

Top 10 Things Not To Drink While Cycling

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