Adobe Patches (Sep-2014)

Adobe has another update for Flash Player to deploy for this month’s Patch Tuesday

Bulletin Description Impact / Severity Software
APSB14-21 Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player Critical :
Remote Code Execution
Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Air
[1.] Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (APSB14-21) (2014-Sep-09) [Adobe PSIRT Blog]
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Patch Tuesday Wednesday (Sep-2014)

patch-tuesday Due to a backlog I’m a bit late with this months analysis; this month Microsoft have released four (4) security bulletins of which one (1) has a maximum rating of Critical and three (3) have a maximum rating of Important. Get MS14-052 patched as soon as possible.

❝ Today, as a part of our regular Update Tuesday process, we released four security bulletins – one rated Critical and three rated Important in severity – to address 42 Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, and Lync Server. We encourage you to apply all of these updates, but for those who need to prioritize, we recommend focusing on the Critical update first. ❞ [1]

Bulletin KB number Description Impact / Severity Software
MS14-052 2977629 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer Critical:
Remote Code Execution
Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer
MS14-053 2990931 Vulnerability in .NET Framework Could Allow Denial of Service Important:
Denial of Service
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework
MS14-054 2988948 Vulnerability in Windows Task Scheduler Could Allow Elevation of Privilege Important:
Elevation of Privilege
Microsoft Windows
MS14-055 2990928 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Lync Server Could Allow Denial of Service Important:
Denial of Service
Microsoft Lync Server

* MS14-052 : Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer : Known exploits in the wild

[1.] The September 2014 Security Updates (2014-Sep-09) [MS: MSRC]
[2.] Microsoft Patch Tuesday – September 2014 (2014-Sep-09) [SANS]
[3.] Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014 (2014-Sep-09) [MS]
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Tuesday Tunes‬ #177 – Powerslave (Iron Maiden)

Powerslave Happy 3oth birthday to Iron Maiden’s Powerslave.

Powerslave is the fifth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 3 September 1984 on EMI in Europe and its sister label Capitol Records in the US. It was re-released by Sanctuary/Columbia Records in the US in 2002. It is notable for its Ancient Egyptian theme displayed in the cover artwork, lifted from the title track, which was carried over to the album’s supporting tour. The World Slavery Tour’ began in Warsaw, Poland on 9 August 1984, and is widely regarded as being the band’s longest and most arduous to date, and lead to the live album Live After Death.
The release also contains a musical re-telling of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, which uses pieces of the original poem as lyrics and is, furthermore, Iron Maiden’s longest song to date (at thirteen minutes and 42 seconds in length). Powerslave is also notable as being the band’s first album to feature the same lineup as the previous one, which would remain intact for two further studio releases.


And now for some music …
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This weeks links (2014-09-08)

In brief:

* Stuff and Nonsense
Stuff and Nonsense is an adventure game with no real adventuring. Players sneak through the back streets of London, gathering evidence of their imaginary travels, and then stride into the Adventurer’s Club to spin tall tales and earn the admiration of their unsuspecting peers.
You all stole this idea from Professor Elemental, who recently pretended to travel to the South Pole. But you know that he actually had a quiet holiday at home. Since you stole his act, the Professor is now your sworn enemy, chasing you around town in the hopes of catching you at it. …

* Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett join forces with Radio 4 to make first ever dramatisation of Good Omens (2014-Sep-05) [BBC4]
BBC Radio 4 has today confirmed that the station will be collaborating with acclaimed authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett to create the first ever dramatisation of their co-penned cult-classic, Good Omens.
And some information over at io9.


* The Week in Bike #34 – 5 September 2014

* Pedal power: VicRoads considers allowing cyclists to run red lights (2014-Sep-12) [Herald Sun]

Some reading/listening:

* Doctor Who: The Daemons is on iView (GeoBlocked to Australia)

Something from Bandcamp:
An Atompunk Opera, The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness (The Complete Album) by Paul Shapera

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PTPublisher – A problem caused the program to stop working correctly

Primera_200 Primera PTPublisher is the bundled disc burning and printing software for the Bravo Disc robots. We are running both the Bravo 4101 and an old Bravo II using PTPublisher v2.2.0 installed on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64bit). When a non Administrator runs the PTPublisher the package stops with the following error;
"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program."


This error is usually caused by a permissions error somewhere in the installation which are generally caused by a poorly built installer. In the case of PTPublisher there are three locations that we need to check for permission problems;

1. Software:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Primera Technology
C:\Program Files (x86)\SureThing CD Labeler 5 - Disc Publisher Edition

Optional, not recommended: Run PTPublisher as Admin. Browse to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Primera Technology\PTPublisher\PTPublisher.exe”.
Right click on PTPublisher.exe. Choose Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab. Check “Run this program as administrator”. Click OK.

2. Data:

Browse to C:\ProgramData\PTI\ and give users Full Control to the PTI folder and all subfolders.

3. Hardware:
Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers
Printers and Faxes > Disk Publisher 4100 Series

The administrator must open the Printers and Faxes Folder, right-click on the “Printer Name” and click Printer Properties.
In the Security tab give the Everyone group (or the specific group you would like to give access) permissions to both Manage this Printer and Manage Documents.


In previous Windows operating systems Nero Burnrights has been required for non privileged users to access the burner, we still add this package as a default on our build.

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This weeks links (2014-09-01)

In brief:



* The Week In Bike #33 – 30 August 2014

Some reading/listening:

* The Djinn (2014-Aug) [Mythic Delirium]
What you humans don’t realize is that your kind weren’t the only ones who built an empire. Oh no, your Queen’s men were neither as Christian nor as rational they claimed. They brought the old beliefs with them, and where there is belief, the fae will follow. …

* The Science Fiction And Fantasy Books You Must Not Miss In September (2014-Sep-02) [io9]

Something from Bandcamp:
A Pirate's Tale by Paul Shapera

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Tropes vs Women in Video Games : Women as Background Decoration

I backed the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games on kickstarter back in 2012, it looks like things haven’t changed in the past two years. Once again, @femfreq is getting the most appalling abuse for her important work.

Women as Background Decoration: Part 1

Women as Background Decoration: Part 2

* Fanboys, White Knights, and the Hairball of Online Misogyny (2014-Aug-28) [The Daily Beast]

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