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It’s the 21st of December

♫ Hello Dan, it’s Joe here I hope you’re keeping well It’s the 21st of December now they’re ringing the last bell if I get good behaviour I’ll be out of here by July Won’t you kiss my kids on … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes‬ #259 – Nakatomi Plaza for Christmas

Why Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie — despite naysayers Action flick touted by some to be better than holiday classics like the Grinch Like it or not, Die Hard is here to stay as a Christmas classic. By … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2017-12-18)

In brief: * Geekbench and Reddit think they’ve cracked why iPhones get slower over time [Updated] (2017-Dec-20) [ARS Technica] * iPhone Performance and Battery Age (2017-Dec-18) [Geek Bench] Users expect either full performance, or reduced performance with a notification that … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – Christmas Special 2017

Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time will be shown on ABC iView immediately after the UK broadcast. It will also air on the ABC at 7.30pm AEST 26th December, followed by a special regeneration episode of Whovians at 8.30pm AEST … Continue reading

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[Notes] Augmented Object Based Learning

❝This is the office of the future, where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) change our working lives. AR overlays digital information on the real world, while VR creates an immersive, simulated environment that replaces the real world.❞ — … Continue reading

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2017-Dec-13 RunParty2017

Event: RunParty2017 Date: Wednesday the 13th December Location: Albert Park Lake Distance: 10k, 5k, 2k Organised by: Sole Motive AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A RUN PARTY CELEBRATE THE END OF THE YEAR WITH SOLE MOTIVE THIS DECEMBER FOR OUR END … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2017-12-11)

In brief: * The Future of Coding in Schools (2017-Dec-07)[Edutopia] Mitch Resnick, one of the creators of Scratch, on why he thinks coding should be taught in all schools—it’s not the reason you’d expect. * Inside the 6 Hypotheses that … Continue reading

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