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You call that broadband?

After Helen Coonan’s bleating earlier this month, It’s good to see there are no illusions with our major Telco; Sol backs Murdoch over ‘disgraceful’ broadband (November 29, 2006 – 2:36PM) Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo said today he agrees with … Continue reading

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Fill the ‘G’

National Day of Protest Thursday 30 Nov 2006 – say no to Howard’s I.R. Laws! The day will start at 7.00am when the MCG gates are opened. 9.00am – 10.00am will be the main event with a Sky Channel Broadcast … Continue reading

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Flickr – Malaysia 2006 photoset

Malaysian holiday March-April 2006 I have finally managed to upload our Malaysian holiday photos up onto Flickr – thanks to the handy Flickr Uploadr tool, and the Microsoft Image Resizer power toy See the photoset Or check out the slideshow … Continue reading

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This weeks links 2006-11-27

Add graphics to your blog, book, or presentation People pay attention to graphics. They respond to graphics. They learn from graphics. If you want your readers/learners/audience to “get” something as quickly and clearly as possible, use visuals. And you don’t … Continue reading

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Copyright & SearchEngines

Australia’s copyright law breaks search engines [1] Australia’s new copyright law may result search engines blocking access to the country. PM John Howard sold Australia’s copyright law out as part of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, through which Australia agreed … Continue reading

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Blogging – community and soul

Just back from the 2006 Transition Forum, well at least the ‘Welcome to my crazy life’: The First Year@Unimelb blog session. ‘Welcome to my crazy life’: The First Year@Unimelb blog An insight into the experiences and preoccupations of the current … Continue reading

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Installing WordPress in Debian

There is a growing interest in blogging as part of the curriculum, so it is time to investigate how it would fit into our infrastructure and server framework. As the ‘Blog’ would be a public application rather than a tool, … Continue reading

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