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Lists for Life

What are your ten things to do before you die? “You can’t just talk about it, you gotta go do it.” Off the top of my head; 4WD from South Africa to Egypt with Tracy See the sunrise at … Continue reading

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You’d be a bit annoyed if you got one for Christmas …

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GAF Meter!

Just checking my care factor for the week……………….nope barely moved Thanks Sandi 🙂

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Wet, wet, wet!

On Saturday, the Diamond Creek at Brougham St. was up over the bridge by 2 feet (Diamond Creek was up to about 5.3 meters!) 2004-11-13 Eltham: Brougham St Bridge 2004-11-14 Floods Receed (behind community center) I went and had a … Continue reading

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Political Survey an attempt to build an open and unbiased way to measure peoples’ political outlooks. Political Survey : results Axis Position 1 left/right -5.7416 (-0.3456) 2 pragmatism -0.7666 (-0.0461) Where do you fit?   LIBERAL DEMOCRATS PAST … Continue reading

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This is the way we spin …

Noticed how in the Iraq war that we have “insurgents” and not a “resistance”? “US tanks pushing into central Fallujah have met fierce resistance from well-organised insurgents who show no signs of giving up, US Marines said today.” [ABC Online] … Continue reading

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Nobody does it better …

I’d have to agree with a few of these after our trip to China this year. A comparative list compiled by JAN WONG Saturday, October 23, 2004 From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we … Continue reading

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