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iPaq 6515 GPS

Does OziExplorerCE? work on a HW6510? Trials using version 1.12.3 DEMO. First the Quick GPS settings need to be updated to allow for a faster satellite fix. I had preprepared a map and uploaded a map to my 6515, and … Continue reading

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Roll over time

A quick look at machine rollovers and disposal schedules. For any given year the purchasing starts in about November the previous year, so years are indicated as eg. 05/2006 for the 2006-SOE. From TRASH to TREASURE::WINDOWS YEAR WORKSTATION LAPTOP 99/2000*JUNK* … Continue reading

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Barcode Generator

This one popped up on the radar today; Can anyone help me with a barcoding program? We have linked up to the following site but it has not worked for a while now – I have emailed them but the … Continue reading

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Websites as Graphs

Websites as Graphs [1] Websites as graphs – an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet, an interesting way to visualise your website. (DOM = Document Object Model) 2006-05-29_webgraph gets the treatment 🙂 The colors used for the nodes are: blue: for … Continue reading

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2006-05-29 This weeks links

Australian BASE-jumper killed in Norway An Australian man has died while BASE-jumping in Norway on the weekend. … [ABC News Online] Tony Coombes, 30, was leaping from popular BASE jumping site Trollveggen – otherwise known as the Troll Wall – … Continue reading

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A Deadly Season: Everest 2006

The 2006 has seen a record number of summits (c.500) but with at least 10 fatal accidents confirmed, only south side numbers are confirmed by officials, this years toll will be high. When compared to the record spring season of … Continue reading

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AG3 released!

May 3, 2006: AG 3.0 Release Available [1] AG 3.0 Release Highlights [2] Jabber client integration Integrated meeting schedule viewer Improved venue navigation View all Venues on server, exits from current Venue, or MyVenues Tree-based perusal of Venue space (without … Continue reading

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