This weeks links (2022-07-03)

CluedUp : CSI Melbourne
In brief:
🚴🏻‍♂️ How to watch 2022 Tour de France, Tour de France Femmes LIVE on SBS (2022-Jun-07) [SBS]
📸 ‘It felt like history itself’ – 48 protest photographs that changed the world (2022-Jul-02) [The Guardian]
🌳 EPA fines NSW Forestry more than $500,000 in one month for destroying South Coast habitat (2022-Jun-30) [ABC|News]
🔊 Down In The Gorge A series of short segments focused on various aspects of what makes the natural beauty of the Plenty Gorge so interesting to locals and visitors to the area. [Spotify]
🏕 The incredible story of the Australian invention of the puffer jacket (2019-May-25) [ABC|News]

🏕 The PBS Series ‘America Outdoors’ Explores the Diverse Ways We Connect with the Outdoors (2022-Jul-05) [Outside Online]

❝America Outdoors is one of a growing number of travel shows attempting to shift how we talk about nature and our relationship to it, and to change who we trust to tell us those stories. Refreshingly, it allows Thurston to color (pun intended) the conversation with commentary about race, gender, ablelism, and other forms of difference, to remind us that there is no singular experience of nature that takes precedence.❞

❄️ The Sentinel Ridge Slides – June 2022 Avalanche Analysis (2022-Jul-04) [Mountain Safety Collective]

❝What is the lesson here? … rain on snow adds rapid heat and significant stress to the snowpack and generally speaking, snowpacks do not like rapid change. So when there is rain on snow with warm temperatures, it is time to avoid avalanche terrain.❞

🛶 NSW floods as it happened: Residents told to evacuate as floods hit Sydney (2022-Jul-03) [SMH]

❝A man has died after his kayak capsized in the Parramatta River as wild conditions continue to lash Sydney’s waterways.❞

Paddling in Floods (2022-Feb-05) [Paddle NSW]

❝Consider whether the risk is really worth it. Can you paddle elsewhere, another time? Why do you want to do it, do you have to prove anything? (Most people will have way more respect for a person who chooses safety over ego).❞

🔥 Australia’s bushfire season has grown by almost a month in 40 years, study finds (2022-Jul-01) [The Guardian]

❝ Australia’s bushfire season now lasts for 130 days a year and has lengthened by almost a month in the past four decades, according to new research.
In the south-east of the country, where forests and communities are still recovering from the unprecedented Black Summer bushfires of 2019 and 2020, there are now 11 extra days where the risk of fire is at its most extreme, compared with the late 1970s. ❞

📄 Jones, M.W.; Abatzoglou, J.T.; Veraverbeke, S.; Andela, N.; Lasslop, G.; Forkel, M.; Smith, A.J.P.; Burton, C.; Betts, R.A.; van der Werf, G.R.; et al. Global and Regional Trends and Drivers of Fire Under Climate Change Rev. Geophys. 2022, 60, e2020RG000726.

🔥 Self-thinning forest understoreys reduce wildfire risk, even in a warming climate (2022-Mar-18) [Environmental Research Letters]

❝ Our findings indicate that self-thinning forest understoreys result in long-term reductions in fire risk that are robust even in the face of global warming. Where shrubs are known to self-thin with time since disturbance, management that minimises disturbance and capitalises on the value of mature forests for risk reduction will likely lead to long-term reductions in fire likelihood, countering the climate-driven trend of increased fire impact. ❞

📄 Zylstra, P. J., Bradshaw, S. D., & Lindenmayer, D. B. (2022). Self-thinning forest understoreys reduce wildfire risk, even in a warming climate Environmental Research Letters, 17(4), [044022].

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July – Waring Wombat Season

Waring Wombat Season (April-July)
Cool, rainy days follow misty mornings. The time of highest rainfall and lowest temperatures.
Waring (wombats) emerge to bask and graze in the sunshine.
Bulen-bulen (Superb Lyrebird) males perform their courtship displays.
Hearts of Kombadik (Soft Tree-ferns) are the major food when no fruits are available.
Days are short and nights are long.
The constellation of Sagittarius rises in the southeast after sunset, indicating the mid-point of cold weather.

❝Wumangurruditj, that’s wombat. Put a piece of wombat, a piece of pork and a piece of porcupine [echidna] and you can’t tell the difference. ❞ – Jessie Hunter, 1999

Eastern Kulin Seasonal Calendar [Melbourne Museum]

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In the July-2022 Sky

In the Jul-2022 Sky

04 Jul – Earth at aphelion (most distant from the Sun at 152.1 million km)
13 Jul – lunar perigee (nearest to Earth) at 357,264 km
14 Jul – Syzygy Perigee full moon (“Super Moon”) – Super Full Moon (Buck Moon)
15 Jul – Moon close to Saturn
19 Jul – Moon close to Jupiter
22 Jul – Waning crescent Moon close to Mars
26 Jul – lunar apogee (furthest from Earth) at 406,274 km.
27 Jul – Venus near crescent Moon in the morning twilight
29 Jul – New Moon
29-30 Jul – Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower; peak 20 meteors per hour
31 Jul – Mars and Uranus 2 degrees apart

🌗 Skynotes: Skynotes July 2022 [Scienceworks]
🌗 Monthly sky guides: July 2022 Southern Sky Guide [Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences]
🌗 The Sky Tonight: July 2022 [Scitech]
🌗 Astrophiz – July Sky Guide [Astrophiz|SoundCloud]
🌗 Planets Visible in the Night Sky in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia []
🌗 Moon Phases – Lunar Calendar for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia []
🛰️ AUSTRALIA – Melbourne [Find Starlink]
☄️ Coming Events: A Year of Southern Astronomy for 2022 [astroblogger]
☄️ Meteor Shower Calendar []

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Turning Terry Pratchett’s Discworld into Audiobooks

Extracted from This weeks links (2022-05-08) to keep track of when the new versions are released.

📚 Turning Terry Pratchett’s Discworld into Audiobooks (2022-Apr-29) [Penguin|YouTube]

❝ This is Discworld like you’ve never heard it before. With an incredible cast of names from British stage and screen, including Bill Nighy, Peter Serafinowicz, Indira Varma, Colin Morgan, Andy Serkis and Sian Clifford.
This ambitious project, taking 40 unabridged books, containing nearly 4 million words, recording over 135 days and featuring over 420 hours of audio is being produced and directed by Neil Gardner – the multiple award-winning radio writer & director – who is a life-long Terry Pratchett superfan.
The new audio editions will be publishing from April 2022 and are available to pre-order now. ❞

📚 Discworld Novels [Penguin UK]
📚 Discworld on Audible

❝ Gather friends, for we have wonderful news! To celebrate 50 years of Terry Pratchett, we’re releasing 40 magnificent new recordings of the bestselling series in audio.
Even better, this is Discworld like you’ve never heard it before, with an incredible cast of names from British stage and screen taking on Terry’s unforgettable characters. ❞
Terry Pratchett Books


❝ We are delighted to announce that Transworld Publishers will be releasing new editions of Terry Pratchett’s bestselling Discworld novels, starting with the six books in the Witches series together with the standalone title Small Gods.
Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade, Carpe Jugulum and Small Gods will be released on 28th April, which would have been Sir Terry Pratchett’s 74th birthday. ❞
Introducing a new look for the Discworld novels… [Terry Pratchett Books]

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Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour 2022

Get inspired for life at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths from independent filmmakers from around the globe that showcase the inspiring women of the adventure world.
Touring annually the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour screens over 2 hours of the most inspirational, heartwarming and entertaining films celebrating women in adventure from independent filmmakers around the globe.
The Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour includes a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles covering topics relevant to women in the outdoors who aren’t afraid to get dirty in their pursuit of adventure.

❝ Experience the incredible highs, stunning natural landscapes and emerging communities of the world’s adventurous women. Offering something for all ages, genders and adventure lovers the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour is packed full of adrenaline, inspiration and fuel to fire your passions. The films in the 2022 program promise to delight everyone from the hardcore to the armchair adventurer in equal measure.
The 2022 tour will take you on a 69 day 2,000km hike along the Ice Age Trail in winter, running the length of New Zealand, breaking through barriers, getting big air on skies and more.
These amazing stories of courage, grit, determination and outdoor inspiration are focused on bringing the female adventure experience under the spotlight. Redefining femininity in adventure and championing female athletes is a key part of the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour. Come and celebrate the bold, vibrant women of adventure at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour.
Born out of a desire to showcase the strong, inspirational, adventurous women of the outdoor world, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour presents a carefully curated selection of short films that will entertain, enthral and inspire. ❞

MELBOURNE – The Astor Theatre THU 28 July, 7:00 pm – 9:45 pm AEST
MELBOURNE – RMIT Capitol Theatre WED 03 August, 7:00 pm – 9:45 pm AEST

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Runnation Film Festival 2022/2023

Runnation Film Festival 2022/2023 Runnation Film Festival 2021/2022
2022 marks the eighth year of the RunNation Film Festival. The festival is an original, inspiring event that has been attended by running celebrities, thousands of runners, and non-runners around Australia, New Zealand & many parts of the world. We receive film submissions from Australia & across the globe and curate them into an incredible two-hour screening. It is not just about running; It is about the celebration of the human spirit, using running as a medium of storytelling.

📽 RunNation Film Festival 2022/2023
Melbourne (St Kilda, Astor Theatre) – August 25th, 7:30pm

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This weeks links (2022-06-26)

Melburn Roobaix
In brief:
🛶 Kayaking Glenelg River – A 3 Day Solo Mission on Gunditjmara Country (2022-Jun-27) [We Are Explorers]
🌳 Rangers, walking groups, urge public to stop making rock towers on hiking trails (2022-Jun-26) [ABC|News]
🌳 Why Sometimes Just Finding Silence is Enough (2022-Jun-23) [Adventure Journal]
⛷️ Sydney teenager dies in Thredbo skiing accident (2022-Jun-20) [SMH]
⛺️ Camping at home: escapism, self-care, and social bonding during the COVID-19 pandemic (2022-Jun-16) [Annals of Leisure Research ]
⛺️ Pace Yourself: Self-Care Tips for a Healthful Summer (2022-May-) [American Camp Association]
📽 One Ocean Film Tour 2022 now streaming on ADVENTURE+
📽 Dinosaur Apocalypse With Sir David Attenborough IMDb [ABC iView]
📽 Mountain IMDb [ABC iView]

🌳 New research reveals bush kinder gives children a head start at school (2022-Jun-27) [7NEWS]

❝ Children who spend more time in the great outdoors are getting a head start in their education. Bush kinders are now in the spotlight after researchers found nature play leads to better marks in school. ❞

‘Bush kinder’ builds early understanding of STEM fundamentals (2022-Jun-27) [The National Tribune]

❝ Pre-school aged children who participate in ‘bush kinder’ programs could have better education outcomes than those who stay indoors, a Deakin study shows.
Girls benefit the most from engaging in non-gendered outdoor play because it allowed greater freedom to play creatively with unstructured natural materials, School of Education research fellow Chris Speldewinde said. […]
Their Deakin study found children aged 4 to 5 who spent time outdoors were more confident and inquisitive when exploring the natural world around them. Bush kinder also had the added benefit of fostering an appreciation for the environment among young children and provided an early opportunity to expose them to Indigenous cultures. ❞

📄 Bush kinders: enabling girls’ STEM identities in early childhood Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning (IF), Pub Date : 2021-12-06, DOI: 10.1080/14729679.2021.2011337

🌳 Environment report Coalition didn’t release paints ‘damning story of neglect’, Tanya Plibersek says (2022-Jun-21) [The Guardian]

❝ The previous environment minister, Sussan Ley, received the state of the environment report last December and ignored calls to release it before the election. Plibersek said she believed Ley had not released it “because it would have confirmed in people’s minds what so many environment groups and others have been saying – that the state of the environment is getting worse, that rates of species extinction have accelerated”. ❞

⛺️ A Stowe Zip-Line Guide Was Killed When a $26 Piece of Equipment Failed. Will His Death Spur Change? (2022-Jun-08) [Seven Days]

❝ “In what appears to me to be an effort to reduce costs,” Barker continued, “Vail Resorts had knowledge of but willfully did not comply with OSHA regulations,” zip-line standards and safety notices. ❞

🏛 Jane Elliot on Banning Abortion and Racism (2019)

❝ Stop tolerating the intolerable. ❞

❝ Ben Wattenberg, wrote in his book The Birth Dearth that the main problem in the United States is the low number of White births. Wattenberg believed that White people, without a change of course, would lose the numerical majority in the U.S., and it would no longer be a White man’s land.
He proposed three ways to address this: Pay women to have babies, increase the number of immigrants, and prevent abortions. The first two, he wrote, aren’t the answer because they would also increase the numbers of Black and Brown babies. But the third, he posited, would solve the “birth dearth” problem because 60% of abortions are performed for White women. ❞
Race Against Time: How White Fear of Genetic Annihilation Fuels Abortion Bans

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30 Days Wild – 2022 – week 4 + a bit

30 Days Wild – 2022

❝ 30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge where we ask everyone to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June. ❞
30 Days Wild | The Wildlife Trusts

Because here in Australia we are in Winter, we need to reinterpret some of the UK’s Summer challenges to fit in with our Winter conditions.

🍃 Get Involved:
🍃 Simple things you can do to help wildlife:

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This weeks links (2022-06-19)

Westerfoldian Winter Solstice Sunrise Run
In brief:
🌳 California delays Joshua Tree protections as experts say time is running out (2022-Jun-17) [The Guardian]

🌳 Loggers accused of Wombat forest ‘smash-up operation’ (2021-Jun-18) [The Saturday Paper]

❝ “Salvage logging” is frequently promoted in the name of bushfire prevention. According to VicForests, “recent scientific studies” showed that the practice may “reduce bushfire risk”. Citations include a handful of articles by foresters.
Yet many uncited ecologists’ studies – in Science, Conservation Biology, Forest Ecology and Management, Conservation Letters and International Journal of Wildland Fire – find salvage logging increases bushfire risk by drying the forest mid-storey, removing fire-resistant hardwoods and leaving flammable slash – bark, leaves, debris – as kindling on the forest floor. In their 2012 book Salvage Logging and Its Ecological Consequences, three senior ecologists found salvage logging also accelerates biodiversity loss and will “rarely, if ever, contribute in a direct or positive way to ecological recovery”. ❞

❝ Curtin University fire-behaviour scientist Professor Philip Zylstra, who recently analysed fire risk in Australia’s south-eastern forests, said this kind of machine disturbance “will likely make fires both more likely and more severe”. ❞

🐸 Need a pregnancy test in the 1950s? First you’ll need to find a frog (2021-Jun-16) [ABC|Melbourne]

❝ Frogs are being wiped out in droves by a mysterious funghi, and humans are partly to blame. ❞

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30 Days Wild – 2022 – week 3

30 Days Wild – 2022

❝ 30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge where we ask everyone to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June. ❞
30 Days Wild | The Wildlife Trusts

Because here in Australia we are in Winter, we need to reinterpret some of the UK’s Summer challenges to fit in with our Winter conditions.

🍃 Get Involved:
🍃 Simple things you can do to help wildlife:

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