It’s Friday. Have some comics …

SUICIDE SQUAD – ComicCon Trailer

WONDER WOMAN – ComicCon Trailer

JUSTICE LEAGUE – ComicCon Trailer

Just quietly, I wouldn’t say no to the Flash’s setup;

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Looking and sounding good in your Web conference (updated)

We have found that it is best for Web conference users to use the following advice;

Don’t use the camera that is built into your laptop, use a separate web camera. The camera built into laptops is usually at a set position relative to the screen and when the screen is adjusted unflattering imagery generally results. An independent camera allows you to set the view and angle that you wish to transmit – you would be surprised how many laptop callers send a magnified view looking up their nostrils. (A good Logitech HD USB Webcam will cost between AU$60 and AU$150 depending on your requirements).


Separate your incoming and outgoing audio streams – you will be talking to a room and we need to reduce echo. The easiest method for this is to use a noise cancelling microphone.

You can use a headset to managing the incoming & outgoing audio streams, many people prefer not to use a headset as it restricts their movement, and messes up hairstyles. A USB headset is recommended as these types have less interference from humming power supplies than the old 3.5mm jack versions. (A Logitech USB headset will set you back somewhere from AU$60 to AU$200; see if you can test the headset for comfort before purchasing)

Logitech USB headset

For many of our conferencing computers we have now moved across to the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam as it solves the camera and microphone issues in a single package.

BCC950 ConferenceCam

Video and wireless are not wonderful partners, and will introduce another set of issues into your call stability. If you have the choice plug into you LAN for the connection, especially if you have access to a fast corporate/educational network.

Always make a test call to make sure that everything is working. For example if you are calling via Skype, use the Skype audio test service before the call to ensure that your audio is clear and clean. The audio carries 80% of your message; bad video can be worked with, bad audio is a show stopper. Make sure that you software is up to date (old versions tend to cause problems unless specifically requested).

The environment from which you place you call can make a difference – do you want to look professional, casual or unprepared?

  • use a blank wall or neutral background for your Web conference session. A complicated background detracts from your presentation.
  • check your lighting conditions, do not use strong back lighting (eg. sitting in front of a window so the window is you background), do not use strong direct lighting (eg. facing into the sun). Softer reflected light coming from the front and side gives the best results.
  • soft furnishings reduce sharp echos. Sitting near curtains will give you a ‘warmer’ voice than sitting near a glass or metal wall.
  • eliminate background noises and distractions. A good microphone will pick up these noises, and a bad microphone shouldn’t be used for the call.

* WHITEBOARDS/DRAWING (Virtual Classroom)
If you are using Virtual Classroom or Virtual Meeting web conferencing that gives the option of a white board or the ability to draw on the screen, do not use a mouse for this functionality. The best tool for the virtual white board or drawing on the screen is to use a pen and graphics tablet (eg. a WACOM tablet).

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July 28th, the 10,000th day of the Web

Party like it’s day 9,999
Tomorrow, July 28th, is the 10,000th day of the Web. We’re feeling pretty nostalgic about the past 10k days, so we’re going to be sharing some of our faves in Twitter tomorrow. Like, for example, Day 1,208, when the enchanting melody of dial-up became the song of our people.
For all the greatness it’s given us in the past 10,000 days, we think the Web deservers at least 10,000 thank-yous. Wish the Web a happy #10kdays by shouting your love from the digital rooftops.
— Firefox
Thunderclap: 10,000 Days of the Web

On March 12, 1989 Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal for a distributed information system at CERN that later became what we know now as the World Wide Web. That makes today Thursday, July 28, the 10,000th day of the Internet. #10kdays


12 March 1989: Tim Berners-Lee submits a proposal for a distributed information system at CERN
The birth of the World Wide Web [CERN]

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This weeks links (2016-07-25)

In brief:






Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Uncovered Volume 3 by Unwoman
To be releases August 12, 2016

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Pokémon Go, get off my lawn?

Have you seen the negative posts regarding Pokémon Go that have cropped up as the technical savvy take up this month’s game du jour? The posts do seem to come from a stereotypical demographic; but here’s another viewpoint from an older white male who is comfortable with a digital technology driven environment.


As with many technologies, an introduction via a gaming platform soon becomes an embed and ubiquitous technology very quickly.

Yes, feel safe to ignore mobile apps and developing AR techniques, but only if you are in you final job rotation within your career and are looking towards retirement. If you ignore geo-location technology, augmented reality (AR), and the mobile app environment as ‘get of my lawn’ technology you are positioning yourself alongside lamplighters, switchboard operators, and elevator operators; not a career path to be recommended.

Pokemon Go may inspire someone to create the next AR tele-medicine application, or the server issues inspire the creation of the next high availability load balancer; that is a path for the future.

If some one drops the “get off my lawn” post in your timeline, feel free to post back “enjoy your retirement”😉

❝ Technology is changing fast than ever, and with that, the job market. With Australians changing jobs more frequently than ever (averaging 3 jobs per decade), and with new industries and careers emerging faster than ever (social media, digital advertising, and the apps industry’s emergence in the last decade), it is an interesting challenge to future-proof careers.❞ — Future Proofing Careers: Embracing the Ever-Changing Job Market (McCrindle, 2013)

❝ 44% of Australian jobs (5.1 million current jobs) are at risk from digital disruption in the next 20 years, and 75% of Australia’s fastest growing occupations require STEM Skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. ❞ — Future proofing careers: How to stay relevant for tomorrow’s workforce (McCrindle, 2016)

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2016 Tour de France: How the Week Was Won (So Far)

Cosmo Catalano’s analysis of the 2016 Tour de France.

2016 Tour de France: How the Week Was Won, Stages 1-5

2016 Tour de France: How the Week Was Won, Stages 6-9

2016 Tour de France: How the Week Was Won, Stages 10-16

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Wednesday WIN (2016-Jul-20)

Acquisitions Incorporated – PAX East 2016 D&D Game
In this special PAX East live D&D game, we switched things up a bit by having Chris Perkins play while Mike Krahulik and Patrick Rothfuss take a turn in the Dungeon Master’s chair!

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