XY problem

XY problem
The XY problem is a communication problem encountered in help desk and similar situations in which the real issue, X, of the person asking for help is obscured, because instead of asking directly about issue X, they ask how to solve a secondary issue, Y, which they believe will allow them to resolve issue X. However, resolving issue Y often does not resolve issue X, or is a poor way to resolve it, and the obscuring of the real issue and the introduction of the potentially strange secondary issue can lead to the person trying to help having unnecessary difficulties in communication and offering poor solutions. — wikipedia

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The Trail Running Series 2019 – Race #2 Smiths Gully

Event: 2019-07-14 Trail Running Series – Race #2
Distance:7.5km /14km/ 18km
Date: Sunday 14th July 2019
Location: Smiths Gully
Organised by: Rapid Ascent

Race 2 : All runners will start on the famous Rob Roy Hill Climb venue before completing a scenic loop within the eucalypt bushland and more open farming land. The long course provides some sweeping views across the Yarra Valley and surrounding rural country side and are quite a contrast to the other courses in the series.
Each course includes a diverse mix 4wd roads and well groomed single track and pathways over undulating terrain. The running covers a number of hills, some are quite long and will get your lungs working before an enjoyable descent on the other side.
Add in plenty of friendly Aussie wildlife to keep you company and this new destination will provide some great running for everyone.

Rapid Ascent Trail Running Series Race 2 – Bib #5445
📷 Photos4sale – Sport Event Photography

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This weeks links (2019-07-15)

In all of these accounts, walking is not the action by which one arrives at knowledge; it is itself the means of knowing.
In brief:

* Interoperability: Fix the internet, not the tech companies (2019-Jul-11) [BoingBoing]

❝ This is the most common form of interoperability. Company A makes a product and Company B makes a thing that works with that product, but doesn’t talk to Company A about it. Company A doesn’t know or care to know about Company B’s add-on.
Think of a car’s cigarette lighter: these started in the 1920s as aftermarket accessories that car owners could have installed at a garage; over time they became popular enough that they came standard in every car. Eventually, third-party companies began to manufacture DC power adapters that plugged into the lighter receptacle, drawing power from the car engine’s alternator. This became widespread enough that it was eventually standardized as ANSI/SAE J563. … ❞

* #Apollo50th

* To the moon and beyond 1: What we learned from landing on the moon and why we stopped going [The Conversation]
* To the moon and beyond 2: how humanity reacted to the moon landing and why it led to conspiracy theories [The Conversation]
* To the moon and beyond 3: The new space race and what winning it looks like [The Conversation]

* Missing Victorian bushwalker lost emergency beacon in thick fog, police say (2019-Jul-16) [ABC News]

❝ A Victorian walker missing in the snow-covered Tasmanian wilderness survived for more than a week after losing his pack, which contained most of his supplies and his emergency radio beacon, police say.. …
“This is a great reflection of Mr Bowman’s experience and skill that he has made it back to his tent, he’s done the right thing and he’s waited there to be rescued in the most likely spot for a rescue which has allowed us to have an excellent result today,”… “Without the experience that he’s had in alpine environments in Victoria and on other wilderness trips in Tasmania, it’s likely that we’d have a very different outcome,” ❞

Tour de France 2019
* ŠKODA Tour Tracker | Cycling

STAGE 10 Monday, July 15 : 218 km : Saint-Flour → Albi
REST Tuesday, July 16 : Rest day
STAGE 11 Wednesday, July 17 : 167 km : Albi → Toulouse
STAGE 12 Thursday, July 18 : 202 km : Toulouse → Bagnères-de-Bigorre
STAGE 13 Friday, July 19 : 27 km : Pau → Pau (ITT)
STAGE 14 Saturday, July 20 : 117 km : Tarbes → Col du Tourmalet (🏔)
STAGE 15 Sunday, July 21 : 185 km : Limoux → Foix (🏔)

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – High Adventure [Internet Archive]
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
High Adventure is sometimes billed “The Mutual Network’s answer to Escape!” In fact, the Mutual anthology premiered on March 1, 1947. There were audition episodes for Escape at the end of February and the middle of March, 1947, but the program did not begin regular broadcast until July. Some reviewers consider Escape to be Suspense’s little brother. In that line of thinking, High Adventure could be thought of as a distant cousin. …
The High Adventure scripts were based on original stories, in contrast to the many adaptations found on Escape. The shows used little subtlety in reaching towards a masculine audience. The stories were written in a realistic, remarkably believable style. High Adventure was the defining moment in the protagonist’s life, and the outcome of the story would often hinge on his strength of character as much as his luck or expertise.

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Protected: * Robots, Drones, 3D Print

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Wednesday Win (2019-JUL-10)

REI Presents: Dead Last
Having been born without the lower part of her left arm, 26-year-old Kaitlin Heatherly had never considered her potential as a world champion rock climber, let alone much outside of her comfort. But after attending a SheLift retreat for women with physical differences in Moab, and the encouragement of paraclimbing mentors, Kaitlin discovered her latent talent and passion for the sport. Within 5 months of training, Kaitlin entered herself into the national paraclimbing competition, placing her into the world championships. This is a story that follows an unassuming athlete’s journey to worlds and the impact that community and recreation can have on one’s self-esteem.

GOLDEN TRAIL WORLD SERIES: (2019) Ep 2 Mont-Blanc Marathon
Have a sit and look at what happened during the 2nd race of the Golden Trail World Series 2019 Place: Chamonix, Marathon du Mont-Blanc (France) Date of the event: 30/06/2019

Thabang | Salomon TV
Thabang Madiba somehow found his way into the world of trail running and in the last few years has become everyone’s favourite in the South African trail scene. He lives in Ga-Rankuwa township, without a mountain in sight… or a physio, chiro or dietician for that matter. But through hard work, dedication and passion, he has won the South African Trail Running Championships multiple times and was the first black South African to represent the country in Trail Running. He has become a hero in his community and is hoping to inspire a new generation of youth through the sport of trail running.

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This weeks links (2019-07-08)

In brief:

* The Recovery I Needed (2019-Jul-08) [Amelia Boone Racing]
Well worth the 10 minute read.

❝ In March, after sustaining my fourth stress fracture in the past three years, I wrote that it was time to take a step back and re-evaluate – to stop “fighting the water.” I’ve fought like hell these past few years to try and keep myself healthy and running like I love to do. And while I was tired of fighting for many reasons, internally I knew I had one big fight left in me. Because there was one thing that I hadn’t tackled head on in a very long time: my eating disorder. ❞

* What happened to broadband in Australia? (2019-Mar) [The Monthly]
It’s not a Netflix issue, it’s a crap design. Thanks Tony …

❝ Tony Abbott’s government replaced the largely fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) model initiated by the Labor government with a Multi Technology Mix (MTM) model, which is still being deployed today.
The MTM, which uses a range of fixed-line architectures and technologies including fibre-to-the-node, fibre-to-the-curb and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), will end up costing Australian taxpayers billions of dollars more than if the original deep-fibre NBN had been allowed to continue. It will also result in a network that is considerably less capable of meeting the nation’s future broadband needs. ❞

* Why the NBN isn’t delivering on its promise of fast broadband for all | 7.30 (2019-Jul-09) [ABC News]
This report is where we see the “Netflix Effect” being quoted, again this is just poor design and service delivery. The ABC news reporter should have gone back and checked the ABC archives, especially Nick Ross’s articles, rather than quote NBN PR bullshit.

❝ When the National Broadband Network was first dreamed up about 10 years ago, the promise of allowing people in remote areas to work in high-tech industries was a big part of its appeal. Now, in 2019, the NBN’s regional rollout is pretty much complete. The vast majority of people who don’t get the NBN via fixed-line services – such as fibre, copper or cable – are connected via “fixed wireless” – broadband delivered over radio waves. ❞

* Walking and cycling to work makes commuters happier and more productive (2019-Jul-05) [The Conversation]

❝ This study also finds that middle-aged (35-54) commuters who walk or cycle – known as active travel – have better self‐reported work performance than public transport and car commuters. This result may reflect the health and cognitive benefits of active travel modes.
Finally, this study finds the short-distance and active travel commuters reported they were relaxed, calm, enthusiastic, and satisfied with their commuting trips, and were more productive. ❞

Tour de France 2019
* ŠKODA Tour Tracker | Cycling

STAGE 3 Monday, July 8 : 214 km : Binche (BE) → Epernay
STAGE 4 Tuesday, July 9 : 215 km : Reims → Nancy
STAGE 5 Wednesday, July 10 : 169 km : Saint-Dié-des-Vosges → Colmar
STAGE 6 Thursday, July 11 : 157 km : Mulhouse → Planche des Belles Filles
STAGE 7 Friday, July 12 : 230 km : Belfort → Chalon-sur-Saône
STAGE 8 Saturday, July 13 : 199 km : Mâcon → Saint-Etienne
STAGE 9 Sunday, July 14 : 170 km : Saint-Etienne → Brioude

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – Ports of Call – Single Episodes [Internet Archive]
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
An obscure series from 1935 or 1936 in which each episode deals with a voyage to a different country where events of that country’s history are dramatized. They each begin with the low moan of a tramp steamer’s whistle and the announcement of the series title, followed by a musical interlude.

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Hugfanginn (Icelandic, a.)
To be enchanted or fascinated by someone or something.
lit. mind-captured

📷 Cape Liptrap Coastal Park

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