Sunset Series 2016 – R1 – Melbourne Zoo

SunsetSeries 2016 Event: Sunset Series 2016 – R1 – Melbourne Zoo
Distance: 7.2km
Date: Wednesday the 03rd February 2016
Location: Melbourne Zoo
Organised by: Sole Motive Events

This iconic Melbourne location will be transformed with great food from Melbourne’s finest food trucks, live music at , a Sunset Bar and chill our area to relax after your run: just some of the many reasons why this is one of Melbourne’s favourite events. Grab your friends, make a night of it and celebrate fitness in style.

Although it appeared that the weather gods were going to frown on our laps around the zoo and send down the rain conditions cleared up and apart from a stiff breeze remained comfortable throughout the event. The Westerfoldians gathered en mass at the Brooks van to discuss the merits of code:green vs code:black (while ignoring the Arobic warm up session). The 7.2km run had four unseeded wave starts this year, which does spread out the field but also creates a fair amount of slalom for runners weaving through the walkers – and yes there were a fair number of headphones in/volume up issues again this year including people stepping in front of the lead runners because they couldn’t hear the calls.
Back to the running; this is a great course if you are out for a run (rather than racing) with pleasant views and the bonus of the animals when you run through the zoo. This year Tracy & I were out for some slower pace running, as is Tracy prepareing for her first Half Marathon at Kilcunda on Sunday, so we really enjoyed the run and the food and entertainment in the Event Village once the running was completed.


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Wednesday WIN (2016-Feb-03)

From the Goal Zero En Route channel – Portable, simple living. Our ongoing series follows those whose homes are off the beaten path.

Van Life | Alex Honnold

Van Life | Travis Burke

Sprinter Life | Huckberry

Sprinter Life | Jonathan Thesenga & Brittany Griffith

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Tuesday Tunes‬ #214 – All The Old Things

Sunrise Skater Kids – All The Old Things
Ageing ’90s punk kids never fear for there is finally a musical parody to sum up the living paradox that is your life in the form on Sunrise Skater Kids‘ All The Old Things. If you used to hang out at the skate park and now you play golf on the weekend this song is not only for you, it’s about you.
The song features lyrics like “I’m packing lunch for a trip on my Winnebago” and “I’m getting old, I just found my first grey hair”, all sung in the melody of classic ’90s pop punk anthems like Fat Lip by Sum 41 and I’m Just A Kid by Simple Plan.

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Ride the Night 2016

RideTheNight Event: 2016 Ride the Night
Distance: 65km
Date: Sunday the 31st January 2016
Location: Melbourne.
Organised by: Bicycle Network

❝ As the clock hits midnight on Sunday 31st January 2016, thousands of riders will take to the streets of Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane to Ride the Night, raising funds to break the cycle of disadvantage. The fun starts at 22:00 Saturday 30th January, with the ride setting off from midnight, you’ll have 7 hours to complete the 65km route touring the city’s most iconic landmarks with entertainment stops along the way for rest, fuel, music and more. ❞

Ride The Night 2016
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This weeks links (2016-02-01)

In brief:

* Tasmania fires: First images of World Heritage Area devastation emerge, show signs of ‘system collapse’ (2016-Jan-31) [ABC News]
Wilderness photographer and bushwalker Dan Broun has just returned from the Central Plateau. Vision he filmed shows how the fires have raced through the area, which is home to unique alpine flora including pencil pines, king billy pines and cushion plants, some more than 1,000 years old.

* Apple recalls more than a decade of power adapters due to risk of electric shock (2016-01-29) [The Age]
Tech giant Apple has instigated a massive international recall of power point adapters across its range of portable devices after a small number were found to have broken, causing risk of electric shock.
Apple Inc.—Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter (2016-Jan-29) [Product Safety Recalls Australia]

* Microsoft recalls 285,000 Surface tablet power cord sets (2016-01-22) [The Age]
Microsoft has recalled 285,000 power cord sets sold with its Surface branded tablets, with users warned to stop using them immediately because of the risk of electric shock or fire. The recall applies to power cords sold with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets between 2013 and July 15 last year.
Microsoft Corporation—Microsoft AC Power Cordset for Surface Pro, Pro 2 & Selected Pro 3 Models (2016-Jan-22) [Product Safety Recalls Australia]
** Note: a standard IEC-C7 power cable should be usable until the MS unit is replaced

* Java browser plugin to be sent to death row in September (2016-Jan-28) [ZDNet]
Come September 2016, the perennial threat vector otherwise known as the Java plugin will be deprecated and well on its way to being dead, decreased, and thankfully, an ex-plugin.

* There is no perfect way to adapt books to TV. These two Syfy shows display why. (2016-Feb-04) [Vox]
The Expanse and The Magicians take completely different, but equally successful, approaches.


* Tips To Start Trail Running For The Older Athlete (2016-Feb-03) [Women’s Running]


* More details emerge about motorised doping at cyclocross worlds (2016-01-31) [Cycling Tips]
Following the earlier news that Belgian under-23 rider Femke Van den Driessche is under investigation over what the UCI has described as technological fraud, further details have emerged about what appears to have been a motor in her bike. The European champion has been plunged into the scandal after a bike belonging to her was screened in the pits at the race and found to be in violation of the rules. …

* Elite Men’s Race | 2016 Cyclo-cross World Championships | Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

* Elite Women’s Race | 2016 Cyclo-cross World Championships | Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:
Wake Up Slow by Atlas Lab

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January Microadventure

The first month in Alastair Humphreys’ challenge to make 2016 Your Year of Microadventure;

JANJanuary: the crunch month. It’s cold and dark. It would be easy to fail before you even begin. So we’re going to keep it very easy this month. Sleep outdoors one night, any time you like. Sleep in your garden (groundsheet, sleeping mat, duvet, pillow). A snowy or frosty night is perfect for this.
Following the loose framework: Sleep outdoors. Don’t use a tent. Pack light. Plan simple. Seek wildness. Challenge yourself.

Sleep in your garden.
With January panning out the way it has we were running out of days for the January microadventure. It was the 29th Jan, and the 30th was being spent out at ‘Ride the Night’ so no chance of sleep there. Of course having left it so late there was a forecast for thunder, lightning and a fair bit of rain – in fact enough rain for a Flood Watch For Greater Melbourne Catchments to be declared. The good news is that the bivvy bags had arrived on the 28th Jan so they were ready to go. (We chose the AMK SOL Escape Thermo Bivvy waterproof Survival Sleeper as a starting bivvy bag as they were relatively cheap as they were on special.)

microadventure plans

microadventure plans

We used the Outdoor Research bivvy/tarp along with our SOL bivvy bags because there was a bit of rain about. Tracy slept on the protected side and I slept with my head in the open doorway to watch the stars.
The rain mostly held off during the night, but due to the moisture from earlier on Friday and the fog rolling in from 6am the inside of the OR tarp held a fair bit of condensation – the outside of the bivvy bags was dry but the sleeping bags inside were damp (It will be interesting to test this outside of the OR tarp). For a Melbourne summer it was rather cold and damp but the bivvys were very warm in these conditions.


What would I do differently next time?
* book the microadventure towards the start of the month so there is still time left if something goes wrong

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Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run 2016

AustDay2016 Event: Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run
Distance: 5.3km
Date: Tuesday the 26th Juanuary 2016
Location: Dromana to Rosebud.
Organised by: ausdayfunrun / Organised by volunteers from local sporting and community groups

The Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run is a fixture on the family calendar and we try to get to the run if we are in the state.

Anthony's Nose
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