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BlogChalk (!?)

Dug up from about c.2002 BlogChalking allows you to search for local blogs based on localized meta information in your template. META: <meta name=”blogchalk” content=”English, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, ElthamMob , Male, 20-50!” /> <meta name=”blogchalk” content=”Language, Country, State, Location, Name, … Continue reading

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I ask you, have you ever known what it is to be an orphan?

Stop! I think I see where we are getting confused. When you said “orphan”, did you mean “orphan”,a person who has lost his parents, or “often”, frequently? The Major General, The Pirates of Penzance [1] AGRA has managed to collect … Continue reading

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Satellite phone traffic jumped 3,000% during the Katrina response …

Something to be considered in a DISPLAN is the destruction of the landbased telecom’s network. Celluar phones rely on the cell stations, the cells rely on power and at least to some extent the wired telecom network. Calls by military … Continue reading

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Not so OTR

Some more current radio show archives; [0] [1] BBC – Radio 7 – Listen Again page [2] BBC – Radio 4 – Listen Again page [3] BBC – Radio 3 – Listen Again page [4] BBC Download & Podcast … Continue reading

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Anagramatically yours …

A REBORN NERDS TOR When a Scottish Geek’s mountain lives again? [1]

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After being placed ‘on-hold’ since the end of last year to wait for some quiet time, we have finally been able to cut-over the old ED01 and ED02 WLANs on MUWIRELESS ! What is very funny, is that this only … Continue reading

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Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

Blog guide to bypass censors Timothy Heritage in Paris SEPTEMBER 23, 2005 [Australian IT] A PARIS-BASED media watchdog has released a handbook to help cyber-dissidents and bloggers avoid political censorship. The guide, published by Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres, … Continue reading

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