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[VIRUS] RE: Statement of fees 2008/09

From: Reid Zapata [] Sent: Friday, 29 August 2008 7:43 AM To: user@host Subject: Statement of fees 2008/09 Please find attached a statement of fees as requested, this will be posted today. The accommodation is dealt with by another section … Continue reading

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Build yourself a bootable Ghost USB key II

Back in the original post Build yourself a bootable Ghost USB key, I outlined how to build a USB Boot key using an existing skeleton file that contained an existing set of drivers. This generated some interest in how to … Continue reading

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I’d use zombies …

FAIRFAX Media will use strike-breakers to publish its flagship newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review in a high-stakes battle with staff after journalists yesterday walked out until Monday in protest at 550 planned job … Continue reading

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banning cartwheels

Proving stupidity is alive and well in risk assessment the Belgian Gardens State School in Townsville (North Queensland) has banned all gymnastics activities during breaks, claiming it is protecting students from injury. Parents say students have been threatened with suspension … Continue reading

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testing times

testing times (we have a *few* leads about the place)

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This weeks links (2008-08-26)

via net@night 63 The Guild The Guild is an award-winning online sitcom about the lives of an online guild “The Knights of Good”, with each webisode 3-6 minutes long. I tried to care, but you would not shut up. … Continue reading

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Firefox 2.x users to be pushed 3.01 Update

Fx 2->3 Major Update / Fx / Fx 3.0.2 [1] Refocusing efforts on delivering a Firefox 2->3 major update within the next week. This will be from Firefox to 3.0.1. We’re tracking some issues that might block the … Continue reading

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Skype (Mac) – how not to be a supernode, still no solution

We are in the same boat. We have allowed Skype for Windows on our University network but are under a lot of pressure to allow Macs to use Skype as well. The lack of a roadmap from Skype doesnt do … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2008-08-18)

Google Insights for Search The internet is often portrayed as a dark and dangerous tool, flooded with porn and predators, but according to Google’s new search analysis tool, most web surfers are looking for a more innocent form of entertainment. … Continue reading

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interactive whiteboard pedagogy

BECTA ICT (2003), What the research says about interactive whiteboards (PDF) Becta ICT (2005), Interactive whiteboards in primary schools pilot study (PDF) Beeland, WB (April 2003), Student engagement, visual leaning and technology: Can Interactive whiteboards help?. (PDF) Cuthell, John P … Continue reading

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