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Malaysia 2006

Getting in early with this post!. I will be in Malaysia from Sat 11th March to Sat 08th April. Unlike other OS expeditions, this time I will not be carrying the laptop and will be relying on the iPaq. For … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2006-03-08)

There has been an explosion of signs around the campus noticeboards regarding (Academic Interactive Resources portal) which is a Blog about First_year@UniMelb. The whole is unusual in itself as it is nothing at all like the Uni templates … Continue reading

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Sys Admin Song

/dev/laugh The System Administrator Song … by Wes ( Live at the ThinkHDI Conference in Vegas 2005. Dedicated to System Administrator Appreciation Day (July 29). … I’ll buy you a cake, I’ll give you a hug I’ll buy the world … Continue reading

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technological protection measures (TPM)

(DRM, Policy) On Wednesday 1 March 2006, the House Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs tabled its report on the inquiry into technological protection measures (TPM) exceptions entitled Review of technological protection measures exceptions. [1.] 37 recommendations! “Two arms … Continue reading

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Mind Maps

James Cook University has a good introduction to Mind Maps [1] Mind maps are tools which help you think and learn. This module describes how to do a mind map and most of the sections are organised into areas of … Continue reading

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Project Management

Current Terror Alert Level  

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stop AOL email TAX

We wish to express our serious concern with AOL’s adoption of Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail, which is a threat to the free and open Internet. [1] [1.] [EFF]

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EDUCAUSE: the things you learn

Today’s InBox brings a few interesting items from EDUCAUSE, and the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research. Computer Security Awareness Video Contest [1] The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force and the National Cyber Security Alliance would like to announce … Continue reading

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