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Tweaking Firefox

Some more changes to how we run/configure Firefox; Localisation Time to pick up an English (Australian) dictionary! Now we can have colour spell checking ok with a u not as color [2] About:config Generally to make changes it is safest … Continue reading

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Economic impact of FLOSS on innovation and competitiveness of the EU ICT sector

An excellent new report on Open Source Software (OSS) has been published. Titled Economic impact of FLOSS on innovation and competitiveness of the EU ICT sector, the report was commissioned by European Commission for the EU. Policy strategies focus mainly … Continue reading

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Don’t look now, but your printer is evil!

This is one of the issues we have been dealing with for quite somne time (years) with the migration to smarter networked printers as our preferred model. I can remember attacks back on the early HP JetDirect units to rework … Continue reading

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Holy Cow!

After reading Sarah Macdonald’s Holy Cow!: An Indian Adventure back in April 2006 it was time to follow up with Jonathan Harley’s Lost in Transmission Title: Lost in Transmission Author: Jonathan Harley Category: Biography, Travel Publisher: Bantam Australia Date Published: … Continue reading

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Why you should have Buletooth turned off

Why you should have Buletooth turned off; Real Hustle Bluesnarfing

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Code of Ethics [SAGE-AU]

The Month of Apple Bugs (MoAB) has produced a rather interesting discussion of ethics. The post by Rob Graham “Disclosure ethics apply to BOTH parties” is an interesting approach, applying Game Theory to the security disclosure framework — Ethical handling … Continue reading

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The Month of the Apple bugs (9,10,11)

The Month of the Apple bugs has been steadily ticking away. Bugs 9, 10 and 11 all deal with the Apple DMG image format. The main problem with the DMG file is that Safari will automatically open the file on … Continue reading

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