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iMac Intel vs iMac G5 booting

YouTube has a video showing a side by side comparison of booting a 17″ iMac Intel (left) vs 17″ iMac-PPC (right). Intel = 40 seconds, PPC = 98 seconds (There are claims that the video is faked. We will have … Continue reading

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Blogging: Australian A+ list?

Frank Arrigo (MSDN Blogs) requests an Australian Bloggier A-List, and creates an *interesting reaction* The A+ list of Aussie bloggers [bleeding edge : Charles Wright] Aussie tech journalists want to game tech.memeorandum [cameron’s brain : Cameron Reilly] Australian Bloggers bruised … Continue reading

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Broadband vs Pay TV connection

Snippets [1] This is the week where Roy Morgan research announced that for the first time, the number of Australians who have a broadband Internet connection at exceeded the number of Australians with a pay TV connection at home. Telstra … Continue reading

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A chat this morning brought us to the topic of “Does PHP run on staff.edfac?” I offered to test a few Hello-World scripts to see if it did; Hello World (PHP) Hello World (PHTML) Hello World (PHP3) The results were … Continue reading

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This weeks links

Crash Course: The ABCs of WPA2 Security Computer First Aid Using Knoppix iTerm the alternative terminal emulation program for Mac OS X Australia Copyright Agency to schools: pay Internet licenses or shut down the net! Copyright makes web a turn-off … Continue reading

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we have lift off…

Well it must be Wednesday 😉 The new Edfac web site has gone live yesterday Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:56:53 +1100 From: Anna McCredie Subject: we have lift off… To: Dear all Just a brief announcement to say … Continue reading

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InterMapper – Part II

Earlier this month I was migrating Intermapper to Linux when I ran into a problem. The good folk from have got back to me with the following; is a shell script that first tries the following: 1. Look … Continue reading

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