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Had a bad week!!

Well last week was a very *interesting* week, kind of like ground hog day with a whole heap of Monday repeating over, and over and over … 101 Things You Do Not Want Your System Administrator To Say 01 Uh-oh….. … Continue reading

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Did we win? We kicked their buts!! GoogleFight Now this is a cool toy 😉 Some classics; god FIGHT satan mac donalds FIGHT burger king george w. bush FIGHT bin laden luke skywalker FIGHT darth vader bill gates FIGHT … Continue reading

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The Cornelia Rau case has raised some interesting issues, it will be interesting to see how many others maybe locked up under similar circumstances. It is suprising that given the amount of documentation that is recorded at our border entry … Continue reading

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Baby you can drive my car?!

Four-year-old borrows mum’s car to rent video game [ABC AU] Police in the United States have picked up a four-year-old boy who had borrowed his mother’s car during the night to go rent a video game. Michigan police chief Doug … Continue reading

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Well, after a bit of a discussion it looks like we are off to Sydney to see the LOTR Exhibition [1]. What started off as “Do you think we can?” has become a “Well pack then!” for the 12-13th of … Continue reading

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The year of the Rooster

Gongxi facái At midnight on 8 February 2005, the Chinese Year of the Green Monkey (Wooden Monkey) ended and the Year of the Green Rooster (Wooden and Metal Rooster) arrived. Gong Xi Fa Chai (Mandarin) Gung Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese) … Continue reading

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Political Prisoners?

How the hell is this happening? You could believe this sort of cr@p happening in Germany in a WWII novel, or perhaps in cold war Russia; but this is here and now! The Federal Government is under pressure to commission … Continue reading

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