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AWA, No way!

A quick shuffle into work to check things are ok, followed by an online lodgment for 1/2 days annual leave, and then it’s off to the marshalling area for the NTEU. NTEU Victorian Division Secretary Matthew McGowan said that university … Continue reading

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Tour de France 2005

With July almost apon us it is time to start preparing for the 92nd Tour de France : July 2nd to 24th 2005. Looks like an interesting route this year 🙂 The 2005 Tour kicks of on SBS on Saturday … Continue reading

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Google maps

Google Maps now covers Australia; now what can we find Looking into Bolton Street Home, sweet home – looking into Bolton St. Scout Hall – and surrounds Laleham Court Melbourne Zoo It is interesting to see the different levels of … Continue reading

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Capturing streaming audio

Need to capture an audio stream for future reference, or to drop it into your PodCast collection? You can capture (save) the asx as an ‘asf’, and then locally convert the asf into mp3 … cool bannanas! Capture: Net Transport … Continue reading

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MS discovers RSS

Too little too late, or the IE standards ambush all over again? Microsoft Draws Cheers, Jeers over RSS in Longhorn June 24, 2005 Matt Hicks [eWeek] SEATTLE—Microsoft’s vision for tying RSS directly into the next release of Windows drew cheers … Continue reading

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SANS Top20 Q1 2005 Update

The Most Critical New Vulnerabilities Discovered or Patched During the First Quarter of 2005 May 2, 2005 Principal Investigator: Rohit Dhamankar Co-investigators: Gerhard Eschelbeck, Marcus Sachs, Johannes Ullrich [SANS] The SANS Top20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities ( is an annual consensus … Continue reading

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Formula Farce!

Up at 3:20am to catch the start of the US Grand Prix at 3:30am. After the rumblings about the Mitchelin tyres back on Friday one could assume that the ‘powers that be’ in F1 would have sorted things out, but … Continue reading

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More on Podcasting

In todays ‘good weekend’ in the Age, Andrew Humphreys looks at Podcasting. A couple of good links are given in the article; Podcast Bunker and Podcast Alley. But how do I use them? A pickup from Mozilla extensions was the … Continue reading

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I know, let’s build a fence … Duh!

Proving once again that classic comedy is created when ever policians meet, Senator Campbell has decided that we need to have a few electric fences in the Alpine National Park. Just how many kilometers of fencing will we need Senator? … Continue reading

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2005 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey

2005 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey Date: 24 May 2005 [AUSCERT] All of Australia’s law enforcement agencies – the Australian High Tech Crime Centre, the Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police, NSW Police, Victoria Police, Tasmania Police, South Australia Police, … Continue reading

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