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This weeks links (2006-08-28)

Make a Survival Kit out of an Altoids Tin Fitting inside an altoids tin, this kit is easy to keep on hand at all times This is ideal for anyone who wants to have the essential survival gear along each … Continue reading

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Snakes LAPTOPS on a Plane

We have just finished with the DELL D810 battery issue, and not suprisingly considering they also use SONY battery units, Apple has announced their own BBQ laptop specials; Apple Announces Recall of Batteries Used in Previous iBook and PowerBook Computers … Continue reading

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Patching updates

Intel wireless Intel initially issued a big file (100MB) that you had to download, but at least it upgraded everything on your machine, if it needed upgrades. After rebooting in the next few days I noticed that my machine is … Continue reading

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Podcasting: Recording a podcast

After looking into the technical side of publishing and serving a Podcast (newsfeed) it is time to look at the actual creation of the content for a podcast. 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 … recording! There is nothing new in … Continue reading

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Back in May this year I had a quick look at machine rollovers and disposal schedules [1]. I am now looking at the same data from a slightly different perspective. In terms of Lab Rollover dates, our machines are rolled … Continue reading

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Podcasting: expanding the information in the feed

Apple extends the RSS version 2.0 syntax with some custom content tags. [1] For example to indicate Adult content; <itunes:explicit>yes</itunes:explicit> Is displayed in iTunes as; (eg. SecondCast feed [2]) The Apple extensions are as follows; <itunes:explicit> – Channel & Item … Continue reading

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