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Super Blue Blood Moon

The super blue blood moon is about to arrive. Australia will get the first glimpse of the full event, as it spreads across the world. Much of Asia and America will get a look – though the UK, Europe and … Continue reading

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Pratchat 05 Pyramids

According to LSpace’s Discworld reading order guide (v2.21), Pyramids is the first book in the Ancient Civilizations thread of Discworld books. Can be treated as a stand alone story. Pyramids Terry Pratchett – Pyramids (1989) ( Discworld, #07 ) 🎧 … Continue reading

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Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run 2018

Event: Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run Date: Thursday the 26th January 2018 Location: Safety Beach to Rosebud Distances: 10km Organised by: Local Community Groups Catering for a wide range of competitors, the Aus Day Fun Run has two start points: … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2018-01-29)

In brief: * 5 Ways to Wellbeing in Nature [SA Health] As life becomes busier, we’re realising how important it is to protect our mental health and wellbeing. The Five Ways to Wellbeing are an easy way to improve mental … Continue reading

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The Walk to Rivendell : Bag End to Rivendell

Way back in 2006 I first talked about Eowyn Challenge’s The Walk to Rivendell and Beyond. This year instead of doing the Run Down Under challenge as the long-term distance tracker, I’m going to have a virtual journey with the … Continue reading

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Year in Sport 2017

❝This year’s video ends with a twist: an animated pie chart around your profile picture summarizes how active you were on Strava.❞ [1] There are six slices in the athlete graph, each color-coded to the data; * time * distance … Continue reading

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Two Bays Trail Run 2018 – 28km

Event: Two Bays Trail Run 2018 Date: Sunday the 14th January Location: Dromana to Cape Schanck Distance: 28k Organised by: Big Long Run The Two Bays Trail Run is a 28km and 56km ultramarathon in Dromana, Melbourne. The 28km is … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2018-01-22)

In brief: * A #MeToo Guide for Outdoorsy Dudes (2018-Jan-22) [Emerald Lens Media] A friend who is a longtime USFS firefighter reflected that her work within the Forest Service was when she had experienced the least sexual harassment. As a … Continue reading

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A Marriage Like Climbing

❝ But the partners that trust their bravery and are brave enough to trust each other, they find the multipitch climb with no bolts. And that’s what we’re doing here today, that’s what a marriage is. It’s trad climbing. It’s … Continue reading

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Wednesday WIN (2018-Jan-17)

1. Take the photo 2. Send it to your friend(s) 3. Your friend(s) smiles. The world is a better place. 👍 —

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