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FireFox 1.5

The final release of Mozilla Firefox 1.5 is now available for download from for most major operating systems or from the mirrors. Users of the release candidates should receive the update soon. Firefox 1.5 introduces several new features, including … Continue reading

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Shit, Bugger, Damn!

Well, from the Blog on the 2005-11-27 you’d probably gathered all was not well. Ike had been moved from Monash Clayton to Monash Moorabbin. It seems that the cancer had permanently damaged her liver, and she passed away at 11:55am … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS)

Whale saviours in fresh bid to stop Japanese hunt 24 November [The Age] THEY have sunk half of Norway’s whaling fleet. Poachers hate them and seal hunters attack them. But the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is likely to be warmly … Continue reading

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WHAT IS THE “PINK RIBBON”? The Pink Ribbon is an internationally recognised symbol that represents hope and awareness for those affected by breast cancer. In Australia specifically, this symbol embosies the National Breast Cancer Foundations (NBCF) aim of finding the … Continue reading

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2006 Mac SOE Software list?

2005 saw the last of our support for the Mac “Classic” environment, from 2006 we will be supporting OS X.3.x and OS X.4.x Function Product(s) Support Level ———- ———- ————- AntiVirus Virex 7.2 (A) Bibliographic Endnote 8 (C) Software Calendaring … Continue reading

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2005 SANS Top 20

2005 SANS Top 20 Published: 2005-11-22, Last Updated: 2005-11-22 16:51:57 UTC by Marcus Sachs (Version: 1) [SANS] This year’s SANS Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities were announced this morning.  Details are at   You will see that the format … Continue reading

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DRM = Dumb Record-company Management?

Texas sues Sony BMG for spyware violations By Matt Daily Mon Nov 21, 6:21 PM ET [Yahoo News] “Texas is seeking civil penalties of $100,000 per violation of the state’s Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act, which was enacted earlier … Continue reading

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Eudora v.7.0

Up until recently the latest version of Eudora has been, over the last week Eudora v7.0.x has been made available via the Eudora website as the “latest version”. My testing with version shows that the University of Melbourne’s … Continue reading

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I’ll just check my Calendar …

An Oracle calendar client upgrade from v9.x to v10.x  

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your rights at work – worth fighting for

Listening to Jon Faine (774 ABC) on the drive into work this morning, you’d think that only a bus load of rabble had turned up to today’s protest. But as 8:45 ticked over the crowds swelled, and even as Jon … Continue reading

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