iOS4 & UniMelb Staff VPN

These notes have now been updated for the new system 2014-Jan-16

How to set up Cisco VPN for iPhone iOS4 for the UNIMELB Staff VPN. The Cisco VPN is a built-in component of iOS4’s networking preferences, you just need to plug in the correct settings.

Create a new network connection:
From the Settings applet, open General and go to the Network option.

FIG.1: Settings > General > Network

In the Network screen select VPN

FIG.2: General > Network

In the VPN screen select ‘Add VPN Configuration’

FIG.3: Add VPN Configuration

Name the new VPN configuration Unimelb

VPN Type = IPSec

* Server Address:
* Account Name: Your Uni/ARS ID
* Password: Your Uni/ARS Password
Do not save your password in the setting, leave this field blank you will be prompted for a Password when you connect.
* Group Name: vpn-staff
* Secret: Get the CISCO encrypted password (enc_GroupPwd) from Decode it here to obtain the clear key.

* Proxy: Auto

FIG.4: Unimelb VPN Configuration

Controlling the VPN connection:
Having configured the VPN you will see a new VPN item in the Settings applet. Use this to turn the VPN on and off.

FIG.5: Settings > VPN

When the VPN is active you will see a VPN symbol in the indicator bar;

FIG.6: VPN active symbol
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8 Responses to iOS4 & UniMelb Staff VPN

  1. I’ve recently updated to iOS 5 and after I input my password, it just goes straight to VPN off. (I’ve tried putting in an incorrect password, and it would prompt me again instead, so I’ve definitely got the password correct).

    Is this the server rejecting iOS 5, or have I screwed up my VPN settings somehow?

  2. Ahhh – thanks! Indeed! Your posts have been really helpful, cheers!

  3. mw says:

    Just if anyone is wondering this worked for me on iOS 6.0.1. Besides the obvious are there any extra advantages to using the staff vpn over the student vpn? I’ve heard rumours that the staff vpn is unlimited as opposed to the 1GB/week student limit but have never tested this myself…

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  5. UPDATE: UNIMELB VPN has replaced the older CISCO VPN with the CISCO AnyConnect VPN. To use the VPN install the CISCO AnyCOnnect iOS App.

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