APSDaemon.exe give me back my CPU!

Symptom: After installing iTunes 10.5.x upgrade, APSDaemon and Apple Mobile Services take 100% CPU

APSDaemon.exe (otherwise known as Apple Push) is the service that wirelessly syncs your device (part of the iCloud package). Searching through the forums it appears that the most referred to solution is;

netsh winsock reset

This does have a proviso that any software with a LSP will then break;

“Warning Programs that access or monitor the Internet such as antivirus, firewall, or proxy clients may be negatively affected when you run the netsh winsock reset command. If you have a program that no longer functions correctly after you use this resolution, reinstall the program to restore functionality.” [5]

Whenever you have ANY software on your machine that integrates itself with winsock that adds its own LSP (Layered Service Provider), iTunes 10.5 will break. Antivirus/Antispyware programs will often do this to enable the monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic. In short it appears that iTunes 10.5.x DOES NOT PLAY WELL with any winsock configuration that is not the default. This is an iTunes 10.5.x bug that Apple need to pull their finger out and fix ASAP!

To be honest, I am not going to negatively impact my firewall/antivirus/other because Apple can’t follow the winsock programming style guide. You can also get a good outcome by killing off the APSDaemon.exe – it may safely be stopped from running at startup, but you may not be able to wirelessly sync your device.

My recommendations are currently – remove APSDaemon.exe from the startup items, if/when it starts with iTunes kill the process via Windows Task Manager (or drop its run priority via “Set Priority > Low” ).

Last updated: 2012-Jan-30 04:49PM GMT+11

Update: 2012-Mar-13 11:00 GMT+11
With 5 days of testing under the belt, iTunes 10.6 appears to fix this issue 🙂

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4 Responses to APSDaemon.exe give me back my CPU!

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  2. Venizen says:

    version 10.6 is the version where I discovered this problem, so, no, it wasn’t fixed. I have this problem on a Dell D630, Upgraded 10.4 to 10.6, got all this fun. Went back to 10.5, all OK. Went up to 10.5, same problem. The PC has only two LSP situations, Sophos (from the employer) and the original DELL install. Spending Friday with company tech support and Sophos.
    Have I mentioned I hate Apple. It has become the face in the big screen that all the drones are watching. “Our way is the only right way. Individuality is wrong. You know nothing.” If MIcrosoft (largest Apple s/w vendor) upgraded Office on Apple so that it sucked up 100% of the CPU, and then said “You have to fix the other software on your Mac”…well, you get the picture…

  3. Venizen says:

    Well, it wasn;t Sophos. It was the Wave Systems security software, the other Winsock provider that came preloaded on the D630, for SmartCard security and the fingerprint reader. Wasn’t use either, so uninstalled through the Windows control panel, and all better now.

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