This weeks links (2019-11-25)

In brief:

* Professional Standards – Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
New Freedom of Information Professional Standards take effect from 2 December 2019

* Is Savoring the New Mindfulness? (2019-Nov-21) [Outside Online]

❝ The practice of lingering in a positive moment has a name: savoring. “It happens when we notice something pleasant, feel good about how good we are feeling, and then try to prolong those feelings,” explains Maggie Pitts, an associate professor of communication who studies savoring at the University of Arizona. Research has found that this psychological exercise is pretty powerful: it can lead to better mental health and relationships, among many other benefits. But what is it, exactly? ❞

* Someone Turned Trump’s Handwriting Into A Font… And It’s FREE (2019-Nov-21) [Funny Or Die]

* Homemade Wanderlust’s Camino de Santiago 2019 playlist [YouTube]

Some reading/listening:

* 📻 Old Time Radio – Richard Diamond, Private Detective – Single Episodes []
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
… Richard Diamond, Private Detective came to NBC in 1949. Diamond was a slick, sophisticated detective, with a sharp tongue for folks who needed it. Diamond enjoyed the detective life, but not as much as entertaining his girl, Helen Asher. After each show, he would croon a number to his Park Avenue sweetheart. Mr. Powell, a former song and dance man, was perfect for the role. He added an extra dimension to the 40’s hokey private eye drama. Diamond was a rough gumshoe that would often get knocked on the head with a revolver butt or other items. His counterpart on the police force was Lt. Levinson who often accepted Diamond’s help reluctantly. Levinson would claim to get stomach trouble whenever Diamond would call him and would take bicarbonate to settle his aching stomach. Although they always seem at odds with each other, Diamond and Levinson were best friends. The plot theme remained fairly constant throughout the entire run of the show, Diamond getting beat up and solving a tough murder case with the support of the police department. …

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