This weeks links (2013-09-02)

In brief:

* Agatha Christie detective Hercule Poirot resurrected in new novel (2013-Sep-04) [ABC News]
Agatha Christie’s famed detective, Hercule Poirot, will be resurrected in a new novel, nearly 40 years after his last adventure.
The moustachioed Belgian will appear in a book to be published next year written by British crime writer Sophie Hannah. …

* Remote classes log into blended reality (2013-Sep-02) [The Age]
Students working remotely at Macquarie University can now feel like a part of the on-campus community with the introduction of a blended, or mixed reality, learning program.
The university hosted its first blended-reality lesson this year and it allowed remote students to experience the same live teacher lecture as those on campus – not through a webcam but through an online virtual world.

* Ambulance Victoria suspends the use of helicopter winches after man dies in rescue chopper mishap (2013-Aug-01) [ABC News]
…The ambulance helicopter was sent in to rescue the man about midday because of the terrain.
However, Ambulance Victoria chief executive Greg Sassella says at about 12.30pm he fell approximately 30 metres to his death while he was being winched into the helicopter with a paramedic. …

* Man almost safe before rescue death (2013-Aug-01) [The Age]

Vuelta a Espana 2013, 24 Aug – 15 Sep 2013, Spain
* 2013 Vuelta a España [SteepHill]
* Vuelta a España 2013 [SBS Cycling Central]

Tour of Alberta 2013, September 3 – 8, Canada

Some reading/listening:

* Dr Who Proms 2013

Something from Bandcamp:

Bosnian Rainbows by Bosnian Rainbows

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