Gaming : Invisible Sun RPG

What if none of this was real? Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game set in a surreal fantasy setting. The mysterious nature of the game is being reinforced by a geocaching hunt for clues via a list of geographic coordinates within the USA. Currently 8 of the nine known caches have been located, the Invisible Sun G+ Community is still searching for the Orlando cache.
Invisible Sun is promising a next generational take on playing tabletops.
Game launching via a Kickstarter on August 15th.

Do you dream of escape, but you don’t know from what, or to where? Looking for a chance to escape the insanity of the world, and immerse yourself into something rich, deep, and fantastical? Something that challenges the limits of your creativity and your intellect?

If so, then join us and escape the Shadow of the real world. Enter a new Actuality of surreal fantasy where mystical characters wielding fabulous powers discover the secrets of reality itself. Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game that extends play beyond the table to accommodate the busy schedule of your life. Play at home with your friends, play online, play one-on-one with the GM at the coffee shop. Become engrossed in compelling stories, with characters as complex and interesting as any in fiction.


Invisible Sun is deep. It’s smart. Just like you. Invisible Sun will change the way you play rpgs.

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1 – Angels on a streetcorner (silver sun)

2 – Shadow (green sun)

3 – A Digression (blue sun)

4 – Escape (indigo sun)

5 – Mirrors (grey sun)

6 – Demons and Dark Red (pale sun)

7 – Apostate (red sun)

8 – Everything is about to change (gold sun)

9 – Invisible Sun

The Labyrinth expands in ways I cannot yet perceive

Invi Sun with Grey Paths

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2 Responses to Gaming : Invisible Sun RPG

  1. Invisible Sun Announcement at Gen Con 2016 MCG Seminar

    Invisible Sun RPG Game Play Video

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