Mother’s Day Classic 2017

Event: Mother’s Day Classic – Melbourne
Distance: 8km
Date: Sunday 14th May 2017
Location: Alexandra Gardens / The Tan
Organised by: Mother’s Day Classic

2017 sees the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Mother’s Day Classic. Since 1998, the Mother’s Day Classic has raised an incredible $30 million and funded more than 30 breast cancer research projects in Australia.
The Mother’s Day Classic fun run and walk has provided communities with a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and raise funds for breast cancer research. The Melbourne MDC for 2017 will be at Alexandra Gardens and involves a 4km and 8km walk and run around the Tan Track, Melbourne.

We are lining up for an 8km run, we are wearing pink, and it is not raining! 👚💕

Mother’s Day Classic 2017

Of all the runs that I do during the year, this is the run that is not about the running.
This is a run that reminds us of others.

★ Flickr 2017-05-14 Mother’s Day Classic
📈 STRAVA or it didn’t happen: Mother’s Day Classic 2017
Next?: Ultra-Trail Australia 2017 50km

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