Laughing all the way?

Laughing Waters inflatable challenge
♫ 🎅 O’er the fields we go
Laughing all the way 🎄 ♫

A 7.65km “hike” down the Yarra River from Laughing Waters Swimming Hole to the Westerfolds Park canoe launching area .

Only 45 minutes out of the city, hidden by rambling native bushland, this section of the Yarra River is perfect for lilo-drifting – where one lies on an inflatable and lets the gentle current move you along the deep river banks. The small rapids and rock pools are also worth exploring – just watch out for the yabbies! There are no facilities at Laughing Waters (including loos), so make sure you bring everything you need: food, water and the faithful shovel.

There are no facilities at the Laughing Waters Road drop in point (via Eltham) and parking is a challenge, facilities are available if you book Longridge Campground (via Warrandyte) [2]

Longridge Camping Area is a peaceful place to camp along the Yarra River. The campground can only be used by one group at a time, giving you exclusive access to a private riverside retreat.
The quiet camping area at Longridge Park accommodates a large group of up to 40 people. Set among beautiful woodland in Warrandyte, it has all the space and facilities you will need for the perfect weekend getaway with family and friends.

The only problem is that there are very few booking slots available so you need to book at least 12 months in advance, better off 18 months in advance. This method would make for a great event.
Costs for 10 Adults: May 2020 $176.20/night, Dec 2020 $180.60/night [5].

Based on the Warburton Trail Fest Lilo Dash ‘n Derby
– any inflatable that can float YOU will suffice. You’ll need to get to at least 2.75km before you can bail onto the trail and run.
– a helmet
– a PFD
– footwear

Water conditions:
Check the water quality before you go –
Do not try within 48 hours after heavy rain.

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